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Benefit Makeup Products - Make up Tutorial for Easy Natural Daily Look

Updated on July 13, 2011

One of the daily routine for women to get out of home is to put on makeup. An everyday natural look is really a must-know piece of knowledge that every women should master. Some might say that putting on make up everyday is a tedious process. Below is a complete natural look that would take you only 10 minutes a day. Even you do not wear makeup everyday, a basic technique would be useful for any unexpected occasions.

Why Benefit Makeup Products?

Benefit cosmetics started their product line serving exotic dancers in 1977. Their first product – Benetint, was used for exotic dancers to make their nipples nice and pink. Later on the Benetint sexy blush has developed as a favorite cosmetic item for make up artists and celebrities.

From then on, every product of Benefit cosmetics has a clear concept behind it, and tackles each and every potential issue on a women’s face. It’s extremely easy to understand and to use, even for people that has never applied make up before.

For a basic look, below are the 4 easy steps:

Your Skin

For a daily natural look, you don’t necessarily have to put on a layer of foundation, yet you do want a toned and even skin color. Tinted moisturizer comes into a great help here.

Tinted moisturizer helps smoothen your skin while giving a toning effect. The ‘You Rebel’ tinted moisturizer from Benefit has a light texture and very thin coverage. It provides evenly toned skin and lessens color deviation on your face. This tinted moisturizer comes with SPF 15 protection, which gives you perfect protection against UV, an ageing factor!

Benefit Tinted Moisturizer You Rebel

Practical tips:

Unlike applying foundation, applying tinted moisturizer does not require a lot of technique. Simply apply it on your face gently like how you would use other facial products.

This whole process of applying tinted moisturizer would take 1 minute (maybe actually 30 seconds!)

Your Cheeks

Next to a well-moisturized and toned skin, is the magical color of the cheeks. Having some color on your cheeks not only can make you look brighter, but can also affect the whole proportion of your face. Apply blush on the right spot can make your face appear slimmer (due to a 3 dimensional effect).

One of the difficulties that many women face when buying a blush, is the choice of color.

The ‘Benetint’ liquid blush can easily solve this problem. ‘Benetint’ is suitable for all skin colors. (Imagine it was used on exotic dancer’s nipples to give a natural pink look.)

The natural color it brings is similar to your own natural blush. Benetint is also one of the favorite items of many celebrities and makeup artists.

Practical tips:

Benetint comes with a brush that looks like a nail polish brush. Apply by put 3 dots to the apples on your cheek bone, and then blend it along your cheek bone.

This step would take you another minute or less.

See below video on how to apply Benetint.

Benefit Bad Gal Eye Makeup Collection

Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Waterproof Mascara
Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Waterproof Mascara

Recommend this waterproof version, last for whole day without smudging


Your Eyes

Eyes are one of the most noticeable features on your face. There are basically 2 basic makeup tricks that you can use for a daily natural look – mascara and eyeliner. You can surely use either one or both of them, it really depends on your choice.

For Mascara

The ‘Bad Gal Waterproof Mascara’ from benefit is absolutely highly recommended. The intense blackness can open your eyes instantly. If your eye lashes are not curl enough, use an eyelash curler to curl up. (Recommend Shiseido’s eyelash curler, perfect for any eye sharps.)

For eyeliner

Drawing eye line is always a difficult task – practice makes perfect is always true, yet having a good tool to practice can only do you good. If you are a newbie in drawing eye lines, best is to start with pencil eye liners. They are easier in controlling and are long lasting.

The ‘Bad Gal pencil’ from Benefit gives smoothly drawn line with natural blackness. Don’t be scared away with the name ‘Bad Gal’!

Practical Tips:

If you are completely new to makeup, would advise you to start with using only mascara first, as the black BAD Gal Mascara can already open up your eyes.

If you would apply both mascara and eyeliner, you should first do eyeliner, and then mascara. Otherwise your mascara would give difficulties in drawing a perfect eye line.

For eyeliners, biggest advise is to practice more at home. You can also find a lot of tutorial videos online on how to apply eyeliners.

Applying eye makeup might cost you more time, like 5 – 6 minutes when you are not familiar with it. But with some practice, you can surely finish it within 2 minutes.

Benetint Pocket Pal
Benetint Pocket Pal

Your Lips

Lip gloss or lip balm is light and natural colors that can complete your whole look. Pick a natural color for your daily look. ‘Benetint’ can actually use as lip color as well. But honestly it’s bit dry to use on lips. To achieve the same color, you can use ‘Benetint Lip balm’, which has same natural red color and is more moisturizing than only using Benetint on your lips.

Another great option is the 'Benetint Pocket Pal', which is a double sided tube with one side being Benetint lip & cheek stain and the other side being transparent lip gloss.This is particular useful for switching betweeen matt and shining lip look. 

Practical Tips:

You do not need to apply any other lip primer products before applying Benetint lip balm. You can even use the lip balm daily without wearing any other makeup.

The step would take less than 20 seconds. Keep the little pot in your handbag and re-apply when necessary.

Your Own Look

The above are the basic steps that you can use daily to brighten you look. You can make your own combinations, like wearing only eyeliner with lip balm, or foundation with blush and lip balm. It is all flexible and up to your own choice. The ultimate goal is to sharper up your look naturally. Hope the above info can help you getting great looks everyday!

Your own Beauty Tips?

Everybody has their own makeup routine and recommended (or not-recommended) products. You can turn your tips and info into extra money by sharing them in Hubpages.

Start sharing beauty info on Hubpages by clicking here!


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