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Benefit Of Salt And Milk Bath

Updated on September 29, 2011

What is the benefit of taking salt bath and milk bath? Has anyone taken salt bath or milk bath at all? I take salt bath or bath salt three times a week and the reason for that is because it clean my skin. I would take a handful of salt and throw it in a bath filled with warm water. Undress myself and take a dip in the water to relax. Ahh…feels really good especially during a night shift of exhaustion. Salt bath is one of the inexpensive salt that you can buy about anywhere. 99cent store has it too! You can get it with different fragrant and my favorite is lavender. The benefit of salt bath is it help release stress, slowing skin aging, calming the nervous system, and add a great light balancing feeling.

The warm water open up your pores and the salt activate by cleaning out the dirt and oil. It also smooth out your skin, improve your skins radiance, tone, and texture. The best part is feeling very beautiful with smooth and attracting skin. For the first time I took salt bath, I feel good and new. When I start scratching myself, dead skin and dirt was falling out from my body and I can see the difference right after I rinse. After continue using it, my skin became softer, less dirt forming in my skin, and feel naturally light. I also take milk bath four times a month and sometime 2 times a month. Milk bath is a great usage to help unglue the dead skin that forms on your body. After removing the old skin cell it help rebuild new skin cell which makes your skin look softer and beautiful.

Many woman have skin irritation and not a lot of woman are comfortable at talking about it. I don’t have skin irritation or dry skin problem, but I do have problem just looking at myself in the mirror. I just don’t feel so beautiful because my skin doesn’t seem as beautiful as many woman that I see everyday. I have asked my friends what was it that made them have beautiful skin? Some say lotion, some say bubble bath, some say drink lots of water and some say because they take salt and milk bath.

Lotion is not my favorite type of product to use but I have to use it to care for the crack in my skin. I do not want my skin to be dry and crack. It would look horribly ugly and most importantly it itches. Well, after taking a warm milk and salt bath, I would apply on lotion and this is what make my skin look and feel very soft.

Picking or choosing which type of salt bath that would not cause irritation to your skin is to test your skin. You would have to go to the dermatologist and test your skin to see what type of skin you have. I have a very sensitive skin and I would have to make sure what type of salt bath that I should purchase so that I do not develop skin rash. I use dead sea salt bath and the salt is very relaxing. Help release tension, muscle spasm, and obtain beautiful skin. There is more to speak about salt bath and many have different individual experience. For I, salt bath and milk bath are two wonderful bath to take to help maintain great skin texture and tone, help release stress, tension, muscle spasm, and slowing skin aging.


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    • chanroth profile image

      chanroth 6 years ago from California, USA

      Hi Asia, thank you! @Lyn, thank you. Milk bath are amazing and feel sooooooo good! I'm glad that I know someone who take milk bath and salt bath like I. Let me know how you like the salt bath. I take salt bath last night and it took me into a peaceful journey. lol...I bet you it feel as good as milk bath. I never watch oprah and I wonder what she say about milk bath. hmmm....but thank you!

    • lyns profile image

      lyns 6 years ago from USA

      Thank you I found this to be very good information it's funny I took a milk bath for the first time about 6 months ago I heard it on Oprah show and so I tried it, my skin felt so good I couldn't believe it but with salt I definitely have to try this because that milk bath was soooo good, I did it for like 2 months straight I had forgotten about it and can use one they feel so good, I will do it tonight, thank you for this article, I vote awesome, beautiful, useful, and up thanks again

    • profile image

      Asia P. 6 years ago

      For best result, take it every night before going to bed. It feels really good!