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The Magic Of Using Glycerin As A Home Remedy -The Secret To Ageless Skin

Updated on May 26, 2020
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I and my family have been using various products with rosewater. It has magical benefits for our skin with very easy and cheapest way.


At first glance, glycerin pretends to be colourless and odourless, but you will be highly surprised to know it's benefits. Only a few drops of glycerin can add marvels to your beauty. And the most amazing thing is that you can easily get this magic bottle near your any departmental store. The beauty products available in the market can prove to be extremely harmful for your skin. But glycerin proves to be 100 per cent safe for your skin, which is why it is also used in skin lotions, soaps and creams. People with oily skin cannot use such products, so they have to be careful while selecting the products. Glycerin is very mild in nature so it does not cause any harm to the skin. Its side effects are also very limited.

What is Glycerin?

It is one of the most ancient and traditional ingredients commonly found in the household. Glycerin is a colourless and odourless liquid that is generally found in animal fats and vegetable oils. It is a natural humectant which makes our skin soft and flexible.

It has the capacity to improve your inner health as well as various skin disorders varying from dry skin to crack healing.

Benefits of Glycerin

Glycerin is very beneficial for our skin. It plays a big role in skin and beauty care. Glycerin has many miraculous properties and is considered to be a blessing for our skin. It is also supposed to be a good moisturizer for the skin.

Glycerin has many medicinal properties, which helps in relieving dry, rough and lifeless skin as well.

  • A very effective moisturizer
  • Helps in promoting skin health
  • Have anti-ageing properties
  • Helps in treating Eczema and Dermatitis

How Can We Apply Glycerin On Face?


Glycerin makes our skin and face clean by removing dust and dirt from them, you can mix it with rose water and can use it as a cleanser. Massage your face gently with this mixture before sleeping at night.


Glycerin enables to balance and nourish the amount of water in the skin. If you want to obtain nutrition from glycerin then mix it with any moisturizer and apply it on a daily basis. It nourishes the skin as well as keep it soft, which is its speciality that it reduces skin stains and pimples as well, but this is possible when you use it regularly.


Mix one teaspoon of glycerin with two teaspoon honey and milk with oatmeal to prepare a thick paste to apply on face, opens the pores of the skin, making it look radiant white and beautiful. To remove dust and oil from the skin apply it with few drops of lemon juice as it turns out to be a perfect toner for the skin.

How To Use Glycerin With Home Remedies?

We can use various ingredients available in our home with glycerin to help revive our skin and makes it more beautiful and gorgeous.

  • To obtain a radiant glow on your face, mix one teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of glycerin and apply it on the entire face, wash the face with cold water after 20 minutes.
  • To prevent wrinkles, apply it with rose petals to the face at night and wash the face in the morning regularly. This will eventually help in getting rid of scars from the face and wrinkles.
  • Mix two spoon of glycerin with two spoons of vinegar and apply it on the roots of the hair. After 15 to 20 minutes wash the same with cold water, it helps in removing dandruff and retains the softness of the hair.
  • To remove the blackness of the knees and elbows, apply some glycerin to the place, soak the weeded cloth in lukewarm water and rub it off to remove the dirt.
  • It maintains moisture in the hair, prevents hair fall and breakage and makes the hairs long and healthy. It retains the natural oil in the hair. To overcome the problems of dry scalp, two-sided hair and dandruff massage the scalp with glycerin mixed with coconut oil.
  • Dandruff is one of the major skin causes for many people today, glycerin has many relaxant properties that relieve the layers of the skin. We can easily control dandruff by the regular use of glycerin.
  • Applying 2-4 drops of glycerin in raw milk to face, eventually helps to remove dead cells and retaining the glow on the face.
  • Apply one teaspoon of gram flour, one tsp cucumber juice, a pinch of raw turmeric and 3 to 4 drops of glycerin to remove dark skin of the neck to be used on a regular basis.
  • If your nails have become hard then mix three to four drops of glycerin in lukewarm water and keep your nails submerged for some time, this will make your nails soft and can curtail easily.
  • Put some glycerin on the nails with the help of cotton swabs, it will give tremendous shine to them.
  • Applying two to three drops of glycerin with the same amount of lemon juice in feeling cracks on the lips and make them soft too.

As a hand lotion

Mix teaspoon of lemon juice, with the same proportion of glycerin, and rose water, set it well keep it in a vial. It works as a hand lotion which can be used anytime.

Final words

In today's world when we are mostly out of time and exposed our body with the burden of pollution, some home remedies can surely help in reviving our skin, but the only surety is to be consistent in the usage of these remedies. With little efforts and patience, we can definitely care about our skin but can also save a handsome to be spent on beauty salons.

Glycerin is also known as glycerol, colourless and odourless with a sweet taste. It's the favourite ingredient for soap making as it is a humectant.


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