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The Benefits of African Black Soap

Updated on April 5, 2013

There are many benefits of black soap - not least it's moisturizing properties. I've often asked 'what is black soap' as it's a product used in the salon. Simply put it's a wholly (or largely) organic form of handmade soap that's derived from the ash remains of trees and plants - shea tree bark, palm leaves, cocoa pods and more.

There's a variety of different recipes - which is due to the nature and origin of the soap. Many African tribes have known of and used this soap for many years and each have their own recipe. Oils and water are the main ingredients and different tribes have used different combinations to create their own unique version.

Overall it possesses great healing properties and is great for those that suffer from certain skin disorders - acne and eczema spring to mind. It works well for acne, has a slightly exfoliating ability (great for cleansing) and - if you haven't yet tried it, you should. Below are the five best black soaps - any one of which will bring nothing but good things to your skin care routine.

Dudu Osun Soap

This is the best selling black soap and it comes as a sick pack of separate soap bars. It's made from a combination of essential oils and herbs, which creates a soap that's full of naturally occurring vitamins and eco-friendly properties - all of which are good for the environment and you.

It contains nothing articficial and it's especially good for oily and ance prone skin. Despite the fact that's its a natural soap, it's effective at cleanisng the skin and is up to tackling even difficult to remove substances, such as solvents and paints. It smell great, it lathers up beautifully ad at less than 10 dollars for a six pack - it's also incredibly cheap.

Raw African Shea Butter Black Soap from Ghana

This best selling black soap is the raw version - non-milled into a regular soap bar shape, it's almost a lump of pure, organic goodness. The lather is surprisingly good - if you wish to, you can ather it up enough to wash your hair with this one - which is effective for those that suffer from scalp conditions.

The main ingredients are combined with 33% Shea butter - a wonderful product that's hydrating without being greasy and known for it's natural anti-aging properties. This is the type of soap that will repair and restore skin, work with acne, gently cleanse skin that's prone to eczema and other dry skin disorders. To say that it's amazing is an understatement - it's simply awesome.

Raw African Black Soap from Ghana

This raw black soap is another top rated and best selling pure soap. It comes like the previous product - a 1 pound lump of raw, soft milled soap. You simply cut a piece off as and when you need it - once the piece has been used up, you rinse and repeat.

It's easily stored - keep it wrapped tightly in the plastic bag that it arrives in or simply transfer it to another one. The soap will remove ground in dirt and debris, help clear up acne and help fight the signs of again and sun damage. It's a restorative product that's 100% mild and it's good for the whole family to use. Is it better than the previous African black soap? It's about the same - so the choice should be down to the price.

100% Pure African Black Liqiud Soap

This is the best liquid black soap - it's all-natural, no additive or harsh chemicals and it contains the same properties as the previous products. To be fair it's a little more like a thick syrup in consistency - and feels like a paste.

As it's 100% organic it definitely has a texture to it - don't expect it to pour happily out of the plastic tub, it won't.

You have to kinda scoop a little out then work it into a lather - albeit an impressive one. Some find the liquid soap more gentle again than the raw soap bars - so if you are super-sensitive - this will be the better choice.

Dr.Woods Products Black Soap

This best selling pure African black soap is another liquid form - the second favorite after the previous product and one that contains Shea butter. This one is more of a liquid and may be preferable to those that may well dislike using what feels like a paste to wash their hands, face and/or body.

Despite the fact that the consistency of this one is more what we're used to .- it's still an entirely natural product and will benefit the user like any other black soap. Another plus with this one being a liquid soap is the fact that it feels more natural to use it as a shampoo. It lathers up really easily and will leave your hair soft and supple - and your scalp happy! A nice product, organic, gentle and affordable.


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