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Benefits of Choosing Nylon zulu straps for your Watch

Updated on March 14, 2013

Nylon watchstraps are popular not just for their huge variety of color options, but these bands are also known for their high level of strength. It is so strong that it is commonly used in bags and insulation hangars. This high level of strength coupled with their flexibility, make zulu straps a highly versatile option for watches.

These watch straps are extremely durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Even extreme variations in temperatures don’t affect the long-lasting features of this material. These straps are also perfect for using with large sized watches. Typically, the design is straight and there is no additional flap underneath. In addition, the material offers strong resistance to water and dries off fast.

Nylon watch straps can take any shape without losing their tightness. The material is so durable that it can get stretched underweight, yet return back to its original shape. This is one of the main reasons why nylon is increasingly replacing plastic as a better and long-lasting option.


When it comes to variety, zulu straps are available in different styles and colors. If there is one characteristic that differentiates nylon from other materials, it is in the number of color choices that these straps can be found. You can choose from all types of bright colors to plain black to camouflage.

Nylon watchstraps are perhaps the most durable options available that can continue to work in any type of environment. In addition, they are available with so many aesthetic characteristics that you can find it difficult to make a choice. There are thousands of options to choose from, and they vary in terms of length, size and style, in addition to the quality of the material. Thus, you have more than enough reasons to choose an appealing nylon watchstrap that matches with your taste and style.

Anand Nair is an avid writer on a wide range of topics, having worked in 3 dailies. Contact him for creating grasping and factual articles like these.


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