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Benefits of Tanning in a Tanning Bed

Updated on July 4, 2017

Tanning beds seem to get a bad reputation for skin cancer, but what many customers fail to realize is that tanning beds also come with a wealth of benefits. Customers do not have to go tanning to the extent that their skin looks like leather or put themselves in a situation that means that they are almost certain to develop skin cancer in order to enjoy the many benefits that tanning beds offer.

Vitamin D

As the world becomes more and more modern, more and more individuals are spending most of their days inside of a cubicle hard at work. This may be great for their pay check, but it is not great for their body. The human body is designed to be outside and in the sunlight. When it is not exposed to enough sunlight, the body is unable to use Vitamin D or does not have enough Vitamin D, resulting in many individuals feeling sick due to the lack of Vitamin D.

Tanning beds help clients feel better by giving them the same amount of Vitamin D that they would get from a day out in the fresh sunlight from only a few minutes in a tanning bed. This is part of the reason why many clients experience an increase in energy when they get done at the salon.


There are many different forms of eczema that plague tanning customers. Some clients experience a less than common form of eczema that can make their moles grow scabs on them while others suffer from a more common form that can cause the skin to become drier than ever, resulting in several areas of the skin having a scaly appearance that will eventually flake off.

This condition can cause individuals to feel embarrassed about wearing short sleeves, and can be bothersome to deal with because it constantly feels itchy. Tanning once or twice a week has been proven to work wonders when it comes to treating eczema. Many clients experience a drastic difference in just a few weeks.


There is a bit of controversy about whether or not tanning beds help acne. Some information states that a tanning bed temporarily helps acne by drying up pimples and excess oil, but when a person stops going tanning they experience more pimples than ever before. Other information states that tanning has not been proven to be an effective treatment for acne at all.

Regardless, many individuals walk into a tanning salon to help clear up their acne, and are thrilled with the results. It does dry up pimples, and can make cases of acne non-existent. Local tanning salons have had few users report that they experience a significant increase in break outs if they take a break from tanning as well.

These three things are just brushing the surface when it comes to the benefits of tanning. Many individuals choose to go tanning in moderation to minimize the risk of developing skin cancer while still enjoying all of the wonderful benefits that go hand in hand with UV light therapy.


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