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Berry Blush & Lip Color: Top Picks for Glowing Winter Skin!

Updated on August 21, 2017

Winter is the best time to experiment with colors that might look too overwhelming on a neutral summer complexion. Bright berry tones will enliven your overall look, and give you a warm winter glow.

Where to paint with berry colors? Cheeks and Lips!

Berry Tints for Every Tone

Berry shades work on every skin tone. When using berry colored blush, different degrees of blending will achieve lighter or brighter results. If you have very fair skin, apply sparingly and blend well, sweeping back toward the hairline. . For medium to dark skin tones, apply a bit more product and blend in swirling motions to work into the skin. If desired, apply a second layer for an extra pop of color.

Berry Colored Blush Suits All Skin Tones
Berry Colored Blush Suits All Skin Tones

Top Picks for Berry Pink Blush

Try one of these products for a warm pop of color on your cheeks.

TIPS: Gel blush works on any skin type / Cream blush is best for dry to combination skin / Powder Blush works best for oily skin types.

Berry Pink Blush for a Glowing Winter Complexion
Berry Pink Blush for a Glowing Winter Complexion

Top Picks for Berry Tinted Lip Gloss

Light skin tones will benefit from berry lip tints with pink undertones. Medium and Dark skin tones can wear almost any shade of berry, including those with burgundy smoky undertones. Rather than using heavy lipsticks, which are prone to transferring color onto clothing and teeth, try a shiny berry gloss, tint, or balm. Any of these will look more youthful than a thick coat of lipstick, which tend to accentuate fine lines and dryness. Try some of these gorgeous berry colors:

Berry Lip Color to Warm Up Your Winter Look
Berry Lip Color to Warm Up Your Winter Look

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