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How to Choose the Right Aerobic Shoes for Women

Updated on January 23, 2015

80s aerobics class

80s aerobics class
80s aerobics class | Source

Pes cavus

Pes cavus
Pes cavus | Source

The Three Main Foot Types

It may be a little variation, but wearing the right work-out shoes while you exercise could be a huge relief. It is good, especially if you've been wearing the wrong pair in the first place.

You’ll first need to know what type of foot you have. Feet come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Sure, we’ve all got 10 toes, but knowing your foot shape or type is significant in finding the right aerobic or work-out shoes for you.

There are three main foot types. These are:

1) Flat-footed – Individuals who are flat-footed also tend toward overpronation which means that your feet roll excessively inwards. To determine if you are flat-footed, take the “wet test”. Do this by wetting your foot and then step on a piece of brown paper and outline your foot. If your footprint has little or no curve at all on the inside and it shows the entire sole of your foot, it means you are flat-footed.
For flat-footed people, choose a shoe that provides support and a “motion control” feature. These shoes have thicker heels and are less flexible.

2) Normal – To determine if you have normal or neutral-type feet, perform the wet test again. If the resulting footprint has a distinct curve along the inside, then you have normal feet and normal pronation.

If you have neutral-arched feet, stability shoes are the ones to go for because they offer the right mix of support and cushioning. They offer support too and are more flexible than motion control shoes. Most shoes are made to suit this type of foot that’s why it’ll be easier for individuals who have normal type feet to find a good work-out shoe.

3) High-arched – From the wet test, your feet are high-arched when your footprint only shows a portion of your heel and your forefoot and there’s only a narrow connection between the two.

Folks who have high-arched feet tend to underpronate (or sometimes called supinate) which means your feet roll excessively outward.

It’s best to find a cushioned shoe with a soft midsole and one that has more flexibility because it helps absorb the impact from your steps more effectively. Insoles would also be a great help to support the heels and arches of your feet.

When you’re in the shop and choosing which shoe you like, you should remember to:

Bring socks that you use when you do your aerobics or when you work-out. Your shoes need to fit your feet perfectly even while wearing the socks.

Breaking-in shoes is a myth. Your shoes should automatically feel comfortable when you try it out for the first time. Try walking or running a bit in the store to make sure they are comfortable even in action.

Use the rule of thumb when fitting your shoes. According to orthopaedic surgeons, there should be enough space – about a thumb’s width – from the front of your shoe to your big toe and at the end of the shoe that you’ll be able to wriggle all your toes. Your shoes should feel snug and secure yet not too tight.

Replace your shoes after five to six months or when you’ve used it for about 350-400 miles. Basically, when your shoes begin to not feel right anymore, it’s time to take your footsies shopping again.

PUMA Women's Wylie Infinity 2.5 Mesh Running Shoe


Speaking of shopping, here are our top-buys:

PUMA Women's Wylie Infinity 2.5 Mesh Running Shoe

These shoes provide comfort and support and are very light-weight and breathable. Not only do they feel good when worn but it’s also perfect for Zumba, dance fitness, aerobics, and other gym activities you need to do. The contrasting colors are a plus because it makes it easier for wearers to pair it with almost anything in their wardrobe.

THE DANCESOCKS - Sneaker Socks for Dancing on Carpet


THE DANCESOCKS - Sneaker Socks for Dancing on Carpet

THE DANCESOCKS - Sneaker Socks for Dancing on Carpet

These shoes are especially designed to be used in carpeted floors. It reduces traction (which makes it great to use on carpets) and increases your range of motion. Normal sneakers limit your movements which causes ankle and knee injury but with these shoes, you’ll be able to pivot freely and just mainly do aerobics better. When walking into smooth surfaces though, the DanceSocks should be removed to avoid slipping.

What are your favorite aerobic shoes?

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