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Best Alternative Acne Treatments

Updated on August 28, 2017

Acne normally happens in the teen age, but there are cases in which it can happen in later age also. The treatment of acne could be a painful process. Putting chemicals on face could start some other allergies. Some of the alternative acne treatments have proven to be very useful these days. One of the surprises could be the use of the herbal cure of acne. The herbal cure of acne being based in natural ingredients is much safer and gentler way to deal with otherwise a painful time.

The herbal cure of acne is a natural way of treating this problem. There could be many types of acne from just a mild one to the acne rosacea which could last for long time and could be very painful. Treatment of any disease is a matter of health, but there is so much more invested in the way one looks that acne shatters confidence of the young person. .

The following includes some of the proven herbal and natural easy to use cures for the alternative acne treatment. Herbs have been proven for long time to have a natural acne prevention and inflammation reduction ability. The natural treatments are cheaper in cost, also they are much more better for the skin on long run as by using it you try and nourish the skin not to dry it.

  1. Calendula:

After grinding it into a paste. You can use it as a very powerful tincture on the acne.

2. German chamomile:

You can grind and make paste your self or get the extract to be used as a toner for skin.

3. Witch hazel:

To be used as an astringent on the skin. You can use it pure, that is best or there are soaps, creams, and lotions that has this very popular flavor.

4. Licorice root:

It has anti inflammatory properties. A paste could be used as mask to achieve this benefit.

5. Flaxseed and flaxseed oil:

To be applied for the skin repair, which happens especially after scrubbing or cleaning the acne spots. Its soothing effect is unmatched.

6. Tea tree oil:

It has the anti-bacterial effect to sooth skin. Clean the skin first, remove dirt or dust etc then apply with soft cotton. Let it stay for an hour or so then wash.

7. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera has soothing effect on burns and cuts. It could help in the removal of the spots and keep skin in healthy condition.


1 Baking Soda:

It is readily available every where, and price is not that expensive. This could help in scrubbing and exfoliating and treating the dead skin.

2 Vinegar:

This is very helpful house hold ingredient. It is very useful for balancing the skin ph and excessive oil.

3 Pantothenic Acid:

Commonly known as Vitamin B5 has been known for its benefits for the acne reactions. The down side of this treatment is that, it has to be taken several times a day.

4 Egg White:

The egg white could be used as mask to reduce excessive oil in the skin. Adding a few drops of lemon juice could increase the overall effect.

Finding reason of the outbreak first could help in treating it fully, not only on surface of skin but inside out. There are many things that can trigger it, for example sunlight, spicy food, skin products, or cheese. Many times there are some other reasons which have no direct like to skin like stress, steroids, or exercise.

The holistic treatment of acne could be applied in the herbal cure of acne. We have to take in view especially while treating such outbursts of rosacea acne in such a way that you deal it not for short time but for the time to come in the future also. For the long term treatment, it makes sense to use some alternative acne treatments, which is safe.


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