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Best Antiperspirant For Men

Updated on February 13, 2013

Best deodorant for men

If you're a typical hard working guy - you're going to need the best antiperspirant for men. The average working day (for anyone) requires the use of an equally hardworking antiperspirant and deodorant, so it's good to know that no matter how the day pans out - you're not going home smelling like a raccoon slept in your clothes!

An antiperspirant deodorant is often the best choice all-round - you get double the protection. On one hand you're covered when it comes to perspiration, the other you smell great. All the featured products work about the same as deodorant for women - the main difference tends to be the fragrances.

Men's deodorants tend to have a masculine smell (of course!) whilst women's tend towards more flowery fragrances. Featured below are the five best mens antiperspirants - good value for money products, popular and highly rated.

Degree Men Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant with aloe, Cool Comfort for Sensitive Skin

One of the best antiperspirant for men hygiene products is Degree - this one's specially formulated for those that suffer from sensitive skin issues - and it also does a great job of keeping the wearer protected to a high level.

It's a clear deodorant, there's no residue left behind and although it does have a fragrance - it's more fresh and clean smelling than anything overpowering and obvious.

It doesn't stain or damage clothing and when you factor in the price in relation to this being for a six pack - you're getting a great value for money product.

Degree for Men Anti-perspirant & Deodorant, Absolute Protection Invisible Solid, V12

This antiperspirant for men is one of the best at protecting from excess underarm sweating. An issue many won't and don't discuss but it exists - and this deodorant does a fine job of keeping the underarm dry - no matter how hard you work.

If you haven't tried it before and you're looking for one of the strongest antiperspirants for men - see if you can get your hands on a sample first. It really is a good 'stay-dry' deodorant and well worth giving a shot. At less than 13 bucks for a four pack, you're getting a few months worth of protection - for not a lot of money

The Particular Man The Rock Natural Mineral Rock Deodorant (Unscented)

This is the best natural antiperspirant for men - and it comes in the form of a rock. It's actually a crystallised form of a variety of natural mineral salts - which combine into the 'rock' and make for a pretty impressive organic product.

Despite the fact that it may sound as though t's impossible for a lump of rock to stop anyone from sweating - it actually works. Its hypoallergenic, won't stain or damage clothing, 100% fragrance free and it will last for anything up to a year. If you're a guy that suffers from allergies or has sensitive skin in general then this is the perfect choice for you. An inexpesnive deodorant - and a surprisingly good one at that.

Old Spice Red Zone Solid Antiperspirant & Deodorant, Pure Sport

You can't beat old school products - and this Old Spice deodorant is up there with the best. This antiperspiranmt for men comes from one of the most famous brand names when it comes to mens hygiene products.

It's a five star rated product and one that even male clients at the salon purchase by choice. It's a stick deodorant and a simple click mechanism releases the right amount to keep you dry and confident throughout the day. It smells just like Old Spice aftershave - and no one ever seems to have a bad word to say about it. Its ability to keep you dry and the fragrance are a winning combination.

Nivea for Men Fresh Active Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll-on

This best selling antiperspirant for men is the roll-on type - not the preferred choice of most men but for those that like them they're a good choice of deodorant. This one's another good choice for those with sensitive skin issues - it's alcohol free and lacks any chemical preservatives and color additives.

It's clear, been proven to be dermatological and beneficial for the skin - plus it smells great too. Nivea are famed for their skin products and knowing how popular the brand is for hand, face and body creams, body washes and more - it's no wonder that they've produced a competitive, good quality antiperspirant such as this one. Nice choice for those looking for long lasting protection - all day - or night - long.

Old Spice v Nivea Commercials

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