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Best Aromatherapy Bath Salts For a Home Spa

Updated on April 12, 2013

f you work hard (and who doesn't!) and feel as though you'd benefit from a long hot soak in the bath tub - bath salts are a great bath product that will help you relax, unwind and soothe your aching body.

Some are designed to work on the joints and muscles, others are for soothing stressed bodies and minds - but they're all great for helping you to de-stress and wind down, leaving you feeling refreshed and mellowed out once again.

They're a similar product to bath bombs - they're great for creating that home spa feeling and are a popular choice when it comes to relaxing after the end of a long working week. Featured below are the five best bath salts ... great value for money, highly rated and most of all ... they'll help you recover some much needed balance.

Masada Bath Salts, Naturally Unscented, Dead Sea Mineral

These are the best bath salts to buy if you're looking for a warm, relaxing soak in a tub filled with minerals and dead sea salts. It's a wonderful product for those that suffer from skin conditions and it's wholly natural and gentle overall.

It's also a good relaxant and will help soothe sore, tired muscles. You don't or won't need to wash and scrub away at your skin - bath salts are something you simply sit and soak in, allowing the natural ingredients to do the hard work. It's a lovely relaxing home spa treat and a highly recommended one. It's an effective remedy for dry, sensitive skin - and more affordable than a trip to a professional spa.

Village Naturals Therapy Cold & Allergy Mineral Bath Soak

These are the best selling therapeutic bath salts - they're specially formulated to work with a body that's aching and tired to to being under the weather or because you're suffering from the aches and pains associated with cold and flu-type viruses.

Among the ingredients are tea trea and ginseng, both known for their ability to revitalise and pep you up again. Echinacea is also used, which is a wonderful natural product that helps the immune system to work at its optimum levels. It's a 100% organic product, free of animal testing and harsh chemicals and it makes for a wonderful soak if you're feeling anything less than 100%.

Well-in-hand Herbal Topicals New Mama Tush Soothing Bath

This is a lovely product - bath salts that are formulated for pregnant women, both anti and post-birth. It's packed with ingredients that help to sooth many of the issues related to pregnancy - aching back, swollen feet and ankles, stretch marks and more.

It's a great gift idea for pregnant moms and it's a remarkably good way to soothe away the ills that come from being pregnant or from giving birth. It can and will help with the healing process post birth and anyone that receives this as a gift will more than thank you for the thought. An amazingly good product - as well as an inexpensive gift idea.

Village Naturals Therapy Restless Nights Mineral Bath Soak

These are the best aromatic baths salts - and they're great for helping you to relax, wind down and hopefully enjoy a good nights rest. The slats contain Lavender, which is a known herb that can have a positive effect on a restless body or mind.

It also contains chamomile and passion flower - both of which are soothing and calming herbs. Beyond it's ability to aid body relaxation you'll also find that it softens and re-hydrates the skin, as well as leaves you feeling cleansed and totally comforted. Best used as a late night soak - right before you retire to bed.

Ahava Honey Herbal Relaxation Bath Salts

These are another dead sea bath salts product - this one also uses honey and herbs as a means of helping you to experience a lovely, calming and wholly relaxing bath. It smells wonderful and you can feel it working as you lay back and soak.

It's a good choice for those that suffer from muscle cramps as it does do a nice job of soothing tight muscles and a good 15 or 30 minute soak will help you to fully de-stress and unwind. The water feels soft - which benefits your skin and all told you'll feel nothing short of languid and soothed once you're out and dried off. Lovely, effective and incredibly soothing.


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