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Best BB Cream Review | Best BB Cream for all Skin Types

Updated on March 14, 2012

I am someone who doesn’t use make up everyday. Maybe that’s why BB Cream was created. It’s for everyone like me. I just apply this cream and I’m done. So what is BB Cream anyway and what are the best bb cream for all skin types?

BB Cream is the most wanted make up cream in the Southeast Asia. Now, all over the world, too. It works as a moisturizer, UV protector, concealer and foundation all in one cream but doesn’t mean it is composed of all. To those who want to know what BB cream stands for, it’s simply Blemish Balm Cream. It’s also referred as beauty balm and bb crème, It first became famous in South Korea, popularized by Korean Drama Princesses who admittedly loved using the cream. Soon Asian countries like Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia were amazed by the stunning benefits of BB cream. No wonder why Asian women are crazy about this magical cream right now. Surprisingly, some best BB cream beauty products providers have developed a special cream formulized for men, too. So don’t be shocked if your boyfriend use BB cream now, too.

BB cream is reported to have come from Germany formulated by dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek-Druiso and recommended it for quick treatment and healing of laser skin surgery. BB Cream has that special soothing and skin-regenerating powers especially for sensitive post-laser scars and redness. The cream soothes, protect and camouflage the skin after surgery or cosmetic jobs. Having that magical effect, Korean cosmetics companies have formulized the product to be available for everyone and for all skin types. Soon a famous Korean Drama Princess from Seoul confessed she uses this product. Have you seen that beautiful actress from the famous show Full House? Soon after that, other starlets started using the product too and eventually the cream became a beauty essential all over Asia because of its beautiful au-naturale flawless glossy skin effects. And so the BB Cream craze has started and having that gorgeous young face is no more a secret.

BB Cream from Etude House
BB Cream from Etude House | Source

BB Cream Magical Benefits

BB cream has the amazing magical benefits to the face especially to Asian skin types. Though some foreign huge beauty products providers have also formulated their own versions of BB Cream suited for other skin types like BB cream for dark skin, tan and lighter skin. Big brands like Maybelline, Revlon, Mac, Garnier, Clinique, Estee Lauder launched their own versions.. I have summed up the common benefits of BB cream below.

  • Gives a au-naturale effect (no make up look)
  • Skin looks glowing and healthy
  • Will make you look younger than your age
  • Easy to apply
  • Doesn’t clog pores
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Can be applied with other beauty products to match your date
  • BB cream is Blemish Balm, it aims to magic blemishes
  • Regenerates the skin to maintain flawless and youthful glow
  • With UV protection and SPF properties
  • Has anti-ageing benefits

BBB Cream vs Tinted Moisturizer vs Foundation

Tinted Moisturizer
BB Cream
Very nice coverage
Vey light coverage
Better coverage and lighter weight
Can cause cakey look because face needs some touch-ups
Transparent look
Both has the benefits of tinted moisturizer and foundation
Sheer and radiant look
Skin not so glowy
Natural look and radiant skin

What is the right BB Cream for you?

How to choose your own BB Cream that is right for your skin? Of course like any other make up and beauty products, it depends upon your skin type, shade and skin reaction. That’s why there are BB Cream made for dark skin, tan skin, and white skin. There are also bb cream for oily skin, for dry skin and even for acne prone skin. BB Cream companies have developed the right formula for you. Some creams are a combination of moisturizer, primer, foundation and SPF while some have variations of ingredients and vitamins to enhance the skin and match the climate. Go to any BB Cream boutique like Sephora and try the one for you. For easy selection, I have listed the best BB creams for all skin types. If you want to know how much is your bb cream, the prices are also included beside the product review.

BB Cream for Asians

This selection is ideal for the Asian skin types. Typically they are developed like those from the BB Cream from Korea. Since Asians skins are naturally porcelain and flawless, we can use the cream without a mist, shiner or anything at all. As always LESS IS MORE is beautiful. The best BB Cream for you are:

  • Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream – this cream is actually famous all over the world now and I’m listing it here too for Asians since lots of my friends love it. Though this is my second choice, I still give 5 stars for Missha Perfect Cover BB cream since it’s like wearing nothing at all compared to the others. It’s literally, weightless and my face is even and lovelier. Plus I don’t need to moisturize before using this amazing cream. Though I need a BB Boomer for this to suit my glowy standards, it’s still one of my faves.

  • Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream – I admit this is the best one for me because it has everything I want for a bb cream- it gives me the radiant and natural finish, no moisturizer needed, lasts longer, with enough SPF30, perfect for my gentle skin and it surprisingly smells good. Etude House has launched new BB Creams this 2012 and I love their Precious Mineral BB Cream. Said cream has 3 choices – for Sheer Silky Skin, Sheer Glowing Skin and Sheer Flawless Skin. Choose the one that you want. The reason why Etude House bb cream is the best for me is that it’s not so dewy on my face as I live in a very hot country.

  • The Face Shop Power perfection BB Cream – though it’s the most expensive one from the one’s I saw from the mall, this bb cream is worth it. The Face Shop kept their promise to be all natural. I like its consistency, not so cakey on the face. Plus it’s less sticky perhaps because of the natural ingredients like Omega 3 and vita-skin complex. Their BB Cream has the power for wrinkle improvement, whitening, sunscreen triple-functional cosmetic. I bought a light beige to suit my face and this cream has SPF 37, PA ++. Like Etude, this one is perfect for the summer days and tropical places like my country.

Best BB Cream for Everyone

Since BB cream is now famous in the USA, Australia, Canada, France and other Western countries. This list is for everyone.

  • Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream – this is number one and I have mentioned it before. Missha Bb Cream has proved to deserve in the cream of the crop. Last year 2011, Missha was voted as the Number 1 BB Cream in Hong Kong by TVB Weekly Beauty Award and Number 6 BB Cream Foundation in Yahoo Japan. Compared to the other creams, Wearing Missha BB cream doesn’t need any touch-ups. It is so long-wearing.

  • Skin79 Diamond Prestige BB Cream – this one is so special. I love the shimmer effect of it. That’s why it’s called diamond prestige I think. Skin79 Beblesh Cream is SPF25 and is so popular around the world now especially to ages twentyish. Though first famous from Asia, Skin79 can be sold online now. It’s so light in the face and really perfect for those who prefer light and younger coverage. Have you been watching KPop? Celebrities majority use this beblesh cream.

  • Mac Prep + Prime Beauty Balm – last summer Mac launched their BB Cream in my country though I know this cream was already around Singapore and Japan earlier. That makes it available so earlier in the US and Western countries of course. Luckily, I have tried it when I dropped by a Mac store in Glorietta and bought one because I wanted to know if it’s better than my bb. The first day of using it, I realized Missha and Etude were better although it wears longer in the face, hmm about 6 hours without touch up. My skin is so pale and some little veins are visible sometimes. I could say that Mac is good, 4 stars out of 5. I would recommend it to everyone with fair smooth skin which doesn’t need a lot of coverage.

  • Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream – I also liked Maybelline’s BB Cream. It’s so cheap and the others are hard to find in where I live. I love the cream’s coverage on my face. It’s sheer enough for me though I need to wash my face and clean it enough at night. My friend tried it, too. But I don’t recommend this to skin with acne. It’s SPF 27 by the way and almost half the price of the other creams mentioned.

  • Clinique Age Defense BB Cream – I’ve never tried this bb cream yet so I asked my friend if it’s any good. She told me it’s perfect for her oily skin though her face won’t settle wearing this cream alone without a light powder. It’s so subtle in the face and she will definitely not buying any other brand than this. Her skin improved and became smoother when bare. That’s what this product is all about anyway, it’s anti-aging.

  • Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream – this cream is SPF15 and cheaper than the others. Though I didn’t try this one yet, I researched for some reviews…Majority says Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream is fair and light and can be worn without foundation or anything at all. It makes the skin glow and it’s hypoallergenic so perfect for sensitive and acne prone skin. Plus it’s dam cheap. Now, I wanna try this one for sure.

…will add more bb creams soon..

© Copyright 2012 by Fehl Dungo


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    • twentyfive profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      hello pretty Georgie :) Thank you for dropping by. Yes I know BB Cream craze is all over Asia now and in our country too :) Pleasure to write this.. lol

    • georgiecarlos profile image


      6 years ago from Philippines

      This is really informative and helpful! I have been researching on BB creams for a while, especially since it is quite huge here in the Philippines (and all over Asia). Thanks for writing this!

    • twentyfive profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Hello my Curly BB Chick! :) Mac has theirs :) You always look fantastic. mwaaaahhhhh! Thank you for dropping by. xoxo

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 

      6 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      Wow, this sounds awfully interesting, Fehl! I have to inquire as to where I can get this! Fantastic hub! It's impressive for its story as much as its effectiveness! I'm a fan of BB Cream!

    • twentyfive profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Hi Femme :) looking forward for Loreal's bb cream :) Happy to see you here :) Thank you.

    • profile image


      6 years ago


      I'm a Loreal lover, and have been for a few years. However, your BB products warrant further looking into.

      I'm interested. :)



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