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Best Bath Bombs For The Home Spa

Updated on April 11, 2013

If you love a good long soak in the bath tub - why not try out some of the great bath bombs that are on the market? They're a wonderful way to pep up your bath - you can add fragrances, bubbles, minerals, oils and special cleansing properties that will leave you feeling soft, moisturized and deep down clean!

They're a spa product, similar to bath salts, and something we use in the salon for clients that come for a top to toe treatment and every single time I'm asked 'where can I get the same bath bomb?!' I always recommend the best, though not necessarily the most expensive products and I have to say ... they're a lovely indulgence.

You have plenty of different bath bomb products to choose from - if you're looking for some deep cleansing and spa type power, choose one that contains sea salt. If you need to simply soak and re-hydrate your skin - ones that contain essential oils are a great choice. Featured below are the five best bath bombs ... the top picks that will help you relax, unwind and simply enjoy some much needed indulgence.

Hugo Naturals Fizzy Bath Bomb, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Mint

These are the best selling bath bombs - and come from the well loved Hugo Naturals brand. They're a luxuriuos bath bomb, and they combine with lots of lovely essential oils that work best for those that need to rest better through the night.

They contain Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Mint - all know for their ability to relax and induce a feeling of soothing comfort, plus the bombs are relaxing for the whole body. Many people purchase them as a means of aiding a natural sleeping pattern and there are some that vouch for how well they perform. A lovely bath bomb by Swanson Health Products - well worth it for the relaxing properties.

Fizzy Baker Cherry Cupcake Bath Bomb

These bath bombs work as good as they look. They're a fun bath product and make a wonderful gift - in fact they're often bought as a thank you gift for baby showers and similar. The packaging is as delightful as the bath bombs look and they're a big favorite with those that love the scent of berries and fruits.

The top decorations are all soaps - which gives them a lovely dual aspect. After allowing the base to dissolve and create a lovely relaxing tub of bath water - you get to use the berries and frosting to gently cleanse and freshen your skin. A gorgeous fizzy bath bomb collection.

Fizzmos Bath Party Bath Fizzy - Pink

These fun bath bombs are a big favorite with moms - they're often bought for children and each one comes with a little 'surprise' once they've dissolved in the water. The fragrance is quite mild as these products go, which is part of what makes them better for children.

These are fizzing bath bombs and sure to delight any child that's introduced to a bath tub that includes one of these little fizzy balls of fun in the water. They're manufactured in the USA and they're an affordable treat in relation to the usual price tag found on these products. A nice little addition for the tub and great for bath time fun.

ME! Bath Bath Ice Cream-Cucumber Melon

This is a lovely collection of mini bath bombs and they can be bought as a personal treat of given to a friend or loved one as a little gift. Each bag includes several small bombs that are infused with one of several different fragrances: Lavender, Honey, Pomegranate or an Hawaiian themed scent.

They soften the water and add just the right amount of fragrance to make bathing a relaxing experience and each one will work a little differently. You can choose to rehydrate your skin, sooth your muscles or simply relax and soak away your worries. Simply package, effective and good value for money.

Fizzy Baker Halloween Cupcake Bath Bomb

These are another type of cupcake bath bombs and like the previously featured cupcake bath product, they look good enough to eat. They're designed to be given as a fun birthday gift and for the price you get a cupcake style bath bomb that's realistic looking, includes a birthday candle and it's also beautifully packaged.

For under 8 dollars you're getting a great looking product that will provide the recipient with a lovely relaxing home spa experience - which in itslef is almost priceless. Once again the top of the bomb is a cleverly designed soap, which is great for using to get deep down clean whilst soaking in the water. A lovely, clever spa product, fun, fresh and affordable.


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