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Best Beauty Products 2015

Updated on January 21, 2015

If you see yourself as an easy going, low maintenance girl that spends the least amount of time possible on beauty treatments. Then you will like the newest generation of beauty products, that focus on quickly delivering results.

In 'best beauty products 2015' I will share some beauty shopping tips and then reveal 3 of my favorite new beauty innovations.

Make the most of what you have
Make the most of what you have

Shopping tips for beauty products

When it comes to beauty products, there are just so many options to choose from. It can be hard to know where to start. Especially if you don't have time or money for a professional consultation.

It's best not to have any makeup on when shopping for lipstick, because you should look for a lipstick that will complement your natural skin. This will make lips look at it's best, with the other makeup you put on. Not all lip liners look good on everyone, but they do in general serve as a good foundation. When choosing a liner, pick a color that blends with the lipstick. When applied correctly, it will help lip color from disappearing, through the day and will help define the actual lips.

For most girls, eye shadow and eyeliner are big favorites, this is because there are so many possible combination, that you can create a truly personal look. You can even look as if no makeup is actually being worn.

Eyeliner adds depth to your eyes and defines the eye line, so it is very important to choose a color that complements the natural beauty of your eyes. Also consider your hair and skin color. Remember that all makeup is used to complement the whole of you, as a person. For example, women with blue eyes should buy bronze or brown eyeliner and a shadow that is deep blue, taupe, grey or violet. Girls or women with green eyes should shop for brown or purple eyeliners. Purple, brown, bronze or gold eyeliners are most suitable for hazel eyes, while any color looks good with brown eyes.

Elizabeth Arden Eye Capsules

These capsules are very fashionable right now. They were surprisingly easy to use and I found that not only was one capsule enough for both eyes, but that the gel felt comfortable on my skin. I normally get puffiness around my eyes the morning ,after using eye gel but not with this product. The eye capsules are designed for women of 35 years and older or girls with very dry skin.

I personally had good results with all Elizabeth Arden products and would recommend them for those with dryer skin complexion. I am in my late thirties and consider myself to have oily skin. The ceramide range is probably the least suitable for my skin type, but it is still definitely worth using, if it's not out of your price range.

Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Oils

The idea with this product is to give you 3 different but complementary perfumes for morning, afternoon and night and all in one package. My favorite; Madagascar Orchid, has an addictive mix of clove, tuberose and wood.

Using the product
Using the product

Hot Iron Hair Straightener

Normally it takes 20 minutes to style my shoulder length hair with a normal hair straightener. With the inStyler I can do it in 10 minutes, comfortably.

Since it has a motor, it is loud. The infomercials imply that it is silent, but that's not true. After using it a couple of times I did not find that the noise bothered me.

Even on the lowest setting, it does get hot and if you touch it, you will get a burn. Like with any other irons, you are bound to get scorched a couple of times, so please take care.

It only turns in one direction and this is something that takes time to adjust to. I learned to use both hands to straighten my hair, in the direction of rotation. I did see one model smoothing her hair against the rotation and it turned out great, so there must be a way of doing it.

The styler works miracles on my medium length hair but simply does not work on very short hair. I tried it on my 2 inch long bangs and it made them stick out weird. Don't think anybody with very short hair would benefit from a styler unless they came out with a smaller barrel.

Hair can apparently get stuck in the barrel though it's never happened to me and I use it almost every day.

Most hot tools will cause damage to hair, this is unavoidable. My hair seems a little drier because I use my styler frequently, but my hair stylist does tell me that it is still healthy. I do use conditioner and thermal spray to minimize damage.

Look good, feel great
Look good, feel great

It's not easy to find beauty products that work the way we want them to. However if you know what to look for there are some very effective new options available.

I hope you found 'best beauty products 2015' useful.


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      Angela Michelle Schultz 5 years ago from United States

      I liked your review on the straightener... :) Thanks