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Best Bling & Iced Out Gear

Updated on April 9, 2011

Iced Bling

I am not usually a 'bling' sort of person but since I have a bit more money behind me recently I thought it might be funny to write a article on the subject, I wouldn't personally wear bling jewellery myself because it doesn't suit me but I've even got into the spirit and I am currently listening to some 'Biggie Smalls' gangster rap since it is inspired by hiphop bling.

I have tried to include a variety of bling accessories but I know some 'hip hop chains' can appear cliche and look fake because when the less wealth fans try and adorn themselves you know they probably couldn't really afford it and it comes across as crude. Real hip hop jewellery  which you see in the MTV videos however is the finest money can buy because they can afford it but I have tried to find some items you could invest in that will show you are financially stable with elegant taste. Other items I found are your typical urban 'bling me' gimmicks.

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Gold Teeth - Grills for Teeth

Above we can see examples of typical grills for teeth or gold teeth which became fashionable during the early 1980's when rappers such as Big Daddy Kane and Kool G rap began to wear them. Genuinely expensive 'grillz' would be made from either gold, platinum or silver and would not be sold over the counter like the photo above, instead a professional dental practitioner would first make a mold of the wearers  teeth using a quick setting alginate.

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Iced Out Gear

For women looking for bling this summer I have included a photo of some jeweled sandals, one designer who creates beautiful designs including gem stones and crystals is Martinez Valero. Her designs retail for anything between $53-$160 online, so checkout the 'Corine', 'Curran' and 'Eva' ranges in the collection online while they are still cheaper than your high street shoe shop!

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Iced Out Bling

Here we have a photograph of more crystals but this time on the Mercedes SL500! it in fact includes 300,000 carefully hand placed Swarovaski crystals initiated by Japanese 'D.A.D' auto accessories. The crystals were not only seen on the exterior buy also covering interior parts of the car such as door handles, steering wheel and glove compartment but how many people who splash out the $417,000 dollar fee for this cover skin? It also has Bavarian white mammoth skin seats and I can't help but think this design is extreme and eccentric!

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Here we have a particularly Iced out motorbike at the Seattle International Motorcycle Show in 2008. If you are interested in purchasing a motorcycle with bling covers or iced out gear for riding your motorbike, this show has everything from dealers, wholesale bling, retailers, custom builders and Advanstar communications offers the most comprehensive market contacts through its consumer events.

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Gold Bling Helmet Credit:

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Silver Bling Fish

Here is a really cool pet to impress your friends, the 'Bridled Goby' is a freshwater fish found in estuaries and the coastal streams of the Caribbean, Bahamas and Florida. It's transparent colored scales allow it to blend in well to the sandy river beds and coral reefs, however it does have greenish and blue spots along its back which sparkle when in clear water.

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Bling Chain for your Dog?

As you are probably aware many celebrities now like to dress their dogs and cats in bling, I was surprised when I did a little research on the subject finding that it is now possible to purchase Swarovski crystallized dog collars, personalized collars, matching bling leads, bling charms for the collars, bling leather collars and even footwear for them! Here's a heads up, check out

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Bling Watches

If you are female and in the market for hip hop watches which appear to be diamond bling, these J-Lo watches could be for you, however all the Jennifer Lopez watches I found online are made using Swarovski crystals. They are a nice alternative for young teenage girls who maybe can't afford real diamonds, they range in price from £134.25 for the Shades of Amethyst design to £42.00 for simpler designs based on QVC retail prices.

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Wholesale Bling

I am going to end this article with funniest product available for big spenders, that being 'Bling H20' water for special occasions! This is no joke and from what I can see on their website there are a wide variety of different colors and frosted glass but not even a selection of flavours. Each bottle has the logo written using Swarovski crystals and ranges from around $20 to a foolish $2,600 for the most expensive bottle of water ever, which consists of the bottle decorated with 10,000 crystals and don't forget your pair of white handling gloves thrown in free of charge!

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