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Best Boldloft Pillows of All Time.

Updated on October 11, 2015

The Best Boldloft Pillows of All Time.

The kind of bedding used usually holds a very important position in determination of the quality of your sleep. Mattresses, pillows, bedsheets, blankets, comforters and duvets are just but a few of the items that will ensure your sleep is peaceful and undisturbed. Most people do not consider the quality of pillow cases they buy yet choosing the best will ensure better comfort and ease of maintenance. The Boldloft range of pillowcases are one of the best pillowcases of all time. The Boldloft know too well that comfort is a key ingredient to better sleep and this is manifested in their unique line of pillowcases. They ensure that color combination, kind of fabric and the fit are well combined so as to ensure you enjoy your sleep. Here are very comprehensive unbiased Boldloft Pillowcases Reviews that will act as a guide on the specific pillowcase to choose for yourself.

1. BoldLoft "Say I Love You" Couple Pillowcases.
One of the most distinctive and incredible feature of these pillowcases and the Boldloft brand as a whole is their bold cartoon-like stick figures that review the message that is to be exhibited by the pillowcase. These pillowcases come in a pair and feature a cartoon illustration of a guy sending a love message through a tin telephone to a girl's ear over a white background.

These pillowcases are white in color and measure 30 by 20 Inches which is enough to fit most standard size and queen size pillows. It is made of Cotoon/Polyeser mix fabric that is ecofriendly, non-allergenic, comfortable and easy to wash both by hand and machine which you should use the Machine Wash cold setting. Ironing is also very easy though the decorations should not be ironed. Whether you are in a long distance relationship or you live togethr, these pillows will definitely make an ideal gift as it will keep reminding you of the presence of your better half.

2. BOLDLOFT® "From My Heart to Yours" Couple Pillowcases.
This pair of pillowcases features a guy blowing love bubbles to a girl. The measure 30 by 20 Inches and these are large enough to fit standard and queen size pillows. Though it doesn't come with pillows, these pillowcases are well worth their price. They are white in color and are made of a combination of Cotton and Polyester material.

Wouldn't it be the greatest gift to your girlfriend knowing that she will keep picturing you blowing kisses to her? Apparently, this pillowcases give a perfect illusion of this kind.

3. BOLDLOFT® "Catch My Love" Couple Pillowcases.
These pillowcases have a picture of a girl blowing kisses of love to a guy who captures them using a fly trap. This is a perfect gift from a lady to a guy as it is such a wonderful show of affection. Their dimensions are 30 by 20 Inches which fit basically any standard or queen-sized pillows.

They are eco-friendly, beautiful and comfortable and they feature a gift ready packaging that will save you on packaging costs and effort. Made of Cotton/Polyester mix fabric, these pillows are soft, comfortable, strong and durable. These pillowcases display the message "Catch my love before you go and if I holler, don't let me go. Just show me how you love me so". It will definitely get your better half to remember you even if you are worlds apart.

4. BoldLoft "My Heart Beats for You" Couple Pillowcases.
This makes a perfect gift for newlweds. These pillows display an illustration of a guy listening to a lady's heartbeat using a sthetoscope. Though this sthetoscope, there is a transmission of a love heart, a genius way for one to express their love for someone. These pillows from Boldloft measure 30 by 20 Inches hence able to fit most standard and queen size pillows. They are made of a mix of Cotton/Polyester fabric that is soft, comfortable and durable.

The fabric used in these pillows is Mashine wash cold compatible thus making it easier to wash. It shuld not be bleached nor should its decorations be ironed. Though, its other parts can be ironed to make them straight and smooter. These pillows exhibit the message, "My love for you is special and true and the rhythm of my heart beats just for you".

5. BOLDLOFT® "We Belong Together" Couple Pillowcases.
These pillows feature cool cartoon illustrations of a couple walking their dogs, probably in a park. The guy tries to pull his dog away but this dog stick's to the lady's dog, a perfect way to show that the couple are unseparable. They measure 30 by 20 Inches, are white in color and are made of Cotton/Polyester fabric which is machine wash cold compatible, ecofriendly and non-allergenic. These pillowcases provide a superb environment to reconnect with your loved one, especially as the Valentine's Day approaches.

6. BOLDLOFT® "Tie The Knot" Couple Pillowcases.
This set of pillowcases displays an illustration of a guy tied using a rope and being pulled by a girl. This is the perfect way for a guy to show that he is deep in love with a girl, that he is willing to be her prisoner in love. Their dimensions are 30 by 20 Inches which is sizeable enough for queen and standard size pillows. They are made of white Cotton/Polyester material that is machine wash cold compatible and ecofriendly.

They can be ironed apart from the decorations and you shouldn't bleach them lest you get rid of the decorations. It is actually the best gift for those who are about to tie the knot with the message "Without you, love will never do".

7. BOLDLOFT® "Link 2 Love" Couple Pillowcases.
Displaying two love hearts linked by a rope with a man crossing it on his arm, these pillows are the perfect ift to show your girlfriend that you are very committed to making you relationship work. It measures 30 by 20 Inches and just like the above-named pillows, they are made of Polyester/Cotton material.

They are durable, soft, beautiful and comfortable. They are made of ecofriendly material and they can be machine washed. It is not advisable to use bleach on them or iron its decorations. It reminds couples that they both hold the link to love hence committment should be a part of it.

8. BOLDLOFT® "All My Love for You" Couple Pillowcases.
These pillowcases' illustrations feature stick figures of a girl cycling away with a basket full love hearts are flowing from the basket to the guy's hands. This is an ideal display of how much love this lady is willing to offer the guy. Their pillowcases are made of Polyester/Cotton material that is non-allergenic and ecofriendly. These pillows measure 30 by 20 Inches and can be cleaned in a washing machine. You should not bleach these pillowcases or iron its illustrations. These pillowcases have the message,"I have been saving all my love for you and time has come for me to show you where all of it comes from".

9. BOLDLOFT® "Happily Ever After" Couple Pillowcases.
These pillowcases make an ideal gift for newly weds. It features an line illustration of newly weds in a car with 4 tins hanging from its rear with the labels "just married", "you are the one", " together forever" and "my heart is ". These are great messages for people who have just married and want to live happily ever after.

They measure 30 by 20 Inches and are made of a mix of Cotton and Polyester. They can be washed in a washing machine using cold water. Bleach should not be used on them and you should not iron its decorations. They are ecofriendly and do not spark allergic reaction such as sneezing and rashes.

The above reviewed pillows together with other Boldloft sleeping products assure you the best and most peaceful sleep all night long.


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