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Hair Dryers: Five Best Ceramic Blow Dryers

Updated on March 16, 2011

Most of the cheap blow dryers on the market use metal heating elements. This produces a harsh, uneven heat that literally cooks the water off of your hair. If you use this type of blow dryer on a regular basis and are not applying products to protect your hair, it eventually will become very dry, brittle and will break.

Ceramic blow dryers use radiant heat which penetrates the individual strands of hair rather than heating them from the outside in resulting in less damage to your hair.

Less expensive blow dryers give off positive ions which result in your hair looking dull and frizzy. Ceramic blow dryers emit negative ions that help your hair to stay shiny and reduces static electricity. Most ceramic blow dryers are infused with Tourmaline which boosts the negative ions, so that these blow dryers can actually dry your hair up to 70% faster.

Most professionals in the hair care industry use ceramic blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, etc., and combine those with Tourmaline-treated brushes and other styling tools to help your hair stay shiny and sleek.

T3 Tourmaline Professional Featherweight

The T3 is an ionic ceramic blow dryer with a true ceramic heater coil. Its motor is made with crushed Tourmaline for the highest boost of negative ions for your hair. It weighs in at less than 1 pound, and it comes with a four-year manufacturer's warranty.

The T3 Tourmaline Professional Featherweight received the honor of "Best Blow Dryer" at InStyle's 2008 Beauty Awards, and is the "go to" ceramic blow dryer model hair care professionals.

Average Price: $130.00

Revlon RV544 Tourmaline Ionic

The Revlon RV544 Tourmaline Ionic is a more affordable choice in ceramic blow dryers. This Revlon model is quiet, lightweight and reliable and comes packed with features. It has two heat and speed settings, an ion indicator light, a quiet motor and a diffuser.

Good Housekeeping's testing labs gave the Revlon RV544 a higher overall score than other ceramic blow dryers, and was also voted the quietest of them all.

Use caution, however, as some consumers who have rated this said that it worked very well for thick or coarse hair, but may not be the right choice for others with thin or fine hair.

Average Price: $30.00

Conair 213X Infiniti Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Technology Ionic Styler

The Conair 213X Infiniti is an affordable choice in ceramic blow dryers. It utilizes Tourmaline ceramic tecnhnology with ionic drying power and a professional AC motor. This is also packed with features such as a 7' professional line cord, 3 heat settings, two speed settings, a 'cool shot', and diffuser and concentrator attachments.

Most reviewers have said that the Conair 213X Infiniti rivals the T3 Tourmaline. However, a big drawback noted by many is the bulkiness and weight of the unit which they found difficult to manage after a few minutes.

Average Price: $35.00

Andis 1875 Folding Ceramic Blow Dryer

The Andis 1875 is consistently voted the best ceramic blow dryer for travel due to its small size, folding handle and retractable cord. It combines a ceramic coil with ionic technology to prevent damage to your hair and cut down on drying time.It also features three speeds, a cool shot button and a five-year manufacturer's warranty.

While reviewers generally give the Andis 1875 a high rating, there are two negative aspects that have been noted. Like the Conair 213X, the unit is slightly heavy making it difficult for some people to use it for more than a few minutes at a time. And although this was designed with the traveler in mind, it does not have dual voltage so you may need to purchase an adapter if traveling out of the country.

Average Price: $20.00

BaByliss Pro BAB2000 Ceramix Xtreme

The BaByliss Ceramix Xtreme 2000 gives you 2000 watts of power using ionic and ceramic technology. It is quiet and lightweight for its size, and comes equipped with a Cool Shot button for easy styling. A concentrator is also included, but the diffuser must be purchased separately.

Average Price: $33.00


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    • MelStie profile image

      MelStie 3 years ago from San Francisco, California

      I have the karmin g3 blow dryer too haha.. it's becoming popular lately. The whole thing about removing the frizz is true and it does make your hair shine!

    • lrohner profile image

      lrohner 5 years ago from USA

      Thanks Laura. Shall do!

    • profile image

      Laura 5 years ago

      Review the karmin blow dryer!!! I bought it last week and it's incredible, I love it to death! Has all the features and it did my hair quicker than my old T3, which I thought was the best but I guess not, lol. You can get it at beyas or rylees cheaper, not sure if folica is selling them yet.

    • lrohner profile image

      lrohner 5 years ago from USA

      Thanks, Melissa, I'll have to try one out and possibly add a review!

    • melissa07 profile image

      melissa07 5 years ago

      Great article! I personally favor the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Professional hair dryer because it's powerful, healthy on my hair and has all the features of a pro model :)

    • Monique Brown profile image

      Monique Brown 5 years ago

      thanks for the article, I personally prefer the best hair dryer that I've tried, it's the Karmin Salon Pro Professional Hair Dryer which keeps my hair amazingly, soft, smooth and pretty. Luv it !! ;)

    • Kat Selective profile image

      Kat Selective 7 years ago from Kentucky

      I always like to gift my sister beauty items. She's beautiful and has the best hair between us. Like many Mom's she suffers from guilt when spending on herself and really appreciates those gifts. Great information. Bookmarked for when I start Christmas shopping soon. Well, now I'm thinking I should be using a ceramic dryer too.

    • profile image

      sneakorocksolid 7 years ago

      Great Hub! I smell a Mothers Day present! Will the negative ions help me grow my hair back?

    • mistywild profile image

      mistywild 8 years ago from Houston, TX (Proud Texan)

      thanks for the information!

    • profile image

      Best Flat Iron 8 years ago

      The Tourmaline Ceramic dryers are the absolute best, the chi and FHI are very good brands.

    • lrohner profile image

      lrohner 8 years ago from USA

      My daughters convinced me several years ago to try the Chi flatiron. I think that's really what they're known for. Haven't tried the blow dryer yet.

    • Davinagirl3 profile image

      Davinagirl3 8 years ago

      My mother has the Revlon, and I want to steal it from her. Have you tried the Chi?

    • lrohner profile image

      lrohner 8 years ago from USA

      Thanks, Nelle. Isn't it great? I've had one for a while as well and totally swear by it!

    • profile image

      Nelle Hoxie 8 years ago

      My T3 hair dryer is the best hair dryer I have ever had. When I started using it, everyone noticed a difference in my hair. It was the only thing I was doing differently. It is a lot quicker.