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Best Cheap Performance Basketball Shoes List

Updated on August 8, 2014

Can't afford or don't have enough money to buy an expensive performance basketball shoes? Are you a baller on a tight budget? Do you need a second shoe that you want to hoop on outdoors or simply because you don't want your favorite kicks get worn out right away? Check out this list for cheap performance basketball shoes.

Nike Brand

Kobe 9 is $225 and Lebron 11 is $200. Now we all want these kicks but question is... Can we afford it? Maybe for some fortunate ballers and rich kids who wears them for style (waste of performance and technology if you ask me) but for others its way too expensive. Check out the list below for Cheap Performance Basketball shoes from Nike.

Nike Overplay VII Performance Review

Nike Overplay VII

  • The shoe features a leather upper that offers durability and premium fit.
  • Full Length Phylon Midsole for added cushioning, comfort and good for absorbing shocks.
  • Herringbone pattern for most part of the outsole offers great traction.This might not do well on dusty court but its not pliable and its recommended for outdoor use.
  • Comes with many colorways to choose from that would fit your team color.

Although the shoe doesn't have flywire, the leather upper still provides great fit if laced up properly and tight. This is one budget performance shoe which costs around $50 and I recommend this for casual ballers.

Nike Air Visi Pro IV

  • Nubuck upper material.
  • Full Phylon midsole its lightweight and responsive
  • Tri-Vis Air-Sole
  • Solid Rubber outsole
  • Herringbone pattern with pivot point
  • Mesh tongue

The Nike Air Visi Pro IV is a lightweight and durable mid-price basketball shoe. With the Nuback upper you know it is going to last. Tri-Vis Air Sole is perfect for impact especially when you land. The Full Phylon midsole will give you awesome court feel just like and the expensive shoes out there. Herringbone pattern as always is best for cutting and changing directions. The pivot point gives you the freedom to do fast spins on break or post. Breathable Mesh tongue and holes in the toe part of the shoe. So this shoe is perfect for guards on low budget and with the solid rubber outsole it will last playing outdoors. Price at around $50

Nike Air Max Body U

  • Stylish
  • Mesh and synthetic Hyperfuse uppers
  • Cushioned ankle collar
  • Phylon midsole with Max Air
  • Solid rubber outsole

The Nike Air Max Body U features Hyperfuse technology. Hyperfuse creates a durable composite material composed of three layers; one for stability, one for breathability and the third for durability. Same technology being placed on the more expensive Nike Hyperfuse models which makes the shoe so light yet durable. Mesh uppers provides breathability. Phylon midsole for lightweight and Max Air unit for absorbing impact. Of course the solid rubber outsole with herringbone pattern for great traction and pivot point to quickly maneuver in-game. Although the price at around $60-90 is a bit high compare to the two above, the technology on this shoe will pay off.

Notable NBA players wearing this:

  • Andrew Bogut and Kendrick Perkins on Christmas day
  • Loul Deng on MLK Day

Nike Hyper Quickness

Another low budget high performance kicks equipped with Phylon Midsole and Zoom Air™. Check out the features below.

  • Hyperfuse upper which reduces weight and enhances airflow, keeping your feet light, cool, and dry.
  • Midfoot harness secures your foot, which gives you the freedom to move in all directions.
  • Phylon™ midsole delivers long-lasting durability.
  • Forefront Nike Zoom Air® unit enhances responsiveness and more bounce.
  • Rubber outsole with herringbone pattern provides ideal on-court traction.
  • Mid cut.
  • All Positions.

Notable NBA Player:

Danny Granger

Adidas Brand

Rose 4.5 is at $140. The latest Crazy series are in that range as well. I have a DRose 3 and Crazy Light 2 and yes they performed very very well. From comfort to performance they are outstanding shoes but downside is, because of their price (I saved) I don't want to hoop on them outdoors. So for those who feels the same way as me or you're a 3 stripes head and wanting to play on cheaper basketball performance shoes check this list out.


D'Rose 3

You might be asking why D'Rose 3 is on the list. First 4.5 is out and 5.0 will soon be release next month with the new Boost tech on Basketball kicks. D'Rose 3 came out at $140. I checked my local store and its about $90-$100. If you ask me it's a must have with that price. I have a D'Rose 3 and I purchased it when it came out. Personally this is my favorite shoe to ball in.

  • Herringbone Traction
  • Heel lock-down
  • Sprint web and Sprint Frame

For more details check out Nightwing's review on this shoe.

NOTE: 3.5 and 4 should be on sale too. Be sure to check for availability and prices at your local Adidas stores.

Adidas Rose 3 Performance Review

Adidas Mad Handle

  • Synthetic and nubuck leather upper
  • Molded-EVA
  • Great Traction with pivot point

I may have placed less points on this one but this doesn't mean its not a high performance shoe. Lets start off with Synthetic and nubuck leather upper for comfort and durability (same standard as other expensive 3 stripes kicks). TORSION SYSTEM for midfoot integrity, it's a Lightweight Arch Support that allows the forefoot and rearfoot to move independently for better surface adaptation and stability. Combine that with Molded-EVA for fit and comfort. Mad Handle's traction is similar to Crazy Fast (his big brother) which would make you stop real time and I would say most of its design. However the outsole is a bit soft and pliable compared to the Crazy Fast. Still this is a great moderate-price kicks to hoop on.

Adidas Payoff

  • Synthetic leather
  • Molded EVA midsole
  • miCoach compatible
  • NON MARKING rubber outsole
  • PUREMOTION™-inspired
  • Aggressive traction

First off, this shoe has been on sale for about $40 from regular $80. If you get a chance you should grab a pair. The shoe has a synthetic leather for durability and light weight. The EVA midsole for light cushioning without sacrificing comfort.It is miCoach compatible. PUREMOTION and traction are specs similar to the John Wall's Crazyquick. Imagine $140 specs used in this cheap performance kicks.



I know Reebok is out of the basketball shoes war (except for the classics which I love so much), but you need to check this review on Reebok Sublite Slash RS 2.

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NOTE: This is a partial list and I will be updating it soon. There are other shoes that are on sale or cheaper so be sure to check back to this list or your local store.

If you want to buy cheap shoes you should consider the following (in no particular order):

1. If there is an Outlet Store near you then go buy there! Its cheap and you can get a pair at 40% discount.

2. Try them on first.

3. Wait for discounts. That if you can wait. Christmas, Black Friday, etc or any other events that can give you discounts.

4. Be sure to check other stores because they might be selling it at a lesser price.

5, Check with other shoe models. There are mid-priced shoes that also using the same tech as the expensive shoes.

I'll be updating this regularly so Be sure to FOLLOW, LIKE, SHARE


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