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Best Clip in Hair Extensions for Brown Hair

Updated on May 28, 2013

One of the best ways to get a different look for your hair quickly, is to add hair extensions. Hair extensions nowadays are really simple and easy to apply, and once you dye the hair to match your color exactly, you can take them in and out as often as you wish. This is a simple guides to the best clip in brown hair extensions. I find the best place to buy them is from Amazon, because they have such a fantastic range of products available.

All of these are human hair extensions, and I don't recommend – unless you are looking for something with some shock value – using artificial hair, because it can never be dyed to match your own hair color properly. These are all fantastic value for money also, and are very impressive how long-lasting some of these products are. When hair extensions first became popular, but did not last very long at all and were extremely difficult to attach. These are all easy because they clip in.

18'' 7pcs Remy Clips in Human Hair Extensions 04 Medium Brown 70g

These are one of the best on the market, and they can be straightened or curled or washed and dyed just like your own hair. One thing I will mention is that they are somewhat thin, so if you have really thick hair, these are not for you. Having said that – they are really silky smooth and soft. The clips are simple to use, and the hair is extremely long-lasting.

I will say that although they are supposed to be 18 inches long, once you have clipped them in, the usable length is more like 16 inches, so if you're looking for really long hair, you may want to buy a longer set.

As they are usually available from around $15-$20, and will last anything up to two years, these are extremely good value for money. If your hair is very very thin, you may want to buy two sets of these, but they are very good for typical thin hair.

L-email 20inch 7pcs Straight Remy Clip in Real Human Hair Extensions #4-27 Brown/ Golden Blonde

Once again, these are very good for people with thin or normal hair, but even so if you have very thin here once again I suggest buying two packs. This is slightly longer than the previous set and actually produce about 19 inches once they've been clipped in.

They're slightly lighter than the preceding extensions, and if you have very light brown hair or perhaps even dark blonde these will work for you and dye to a natural color varies easily. They are extremely inexpensive, as you'll see when we start looking some of the so-called "premium," products which tend to be made from thick or more full hair.

I think they're extremely good value for money, they will last a reasonable length of time when you consider how inexpensive they are and if you look around Amazon you shouldn't have to pay more than about $20 for these. In fact – do not pay more than around $20.

20" (22") Remy (Remi) Human Hair Clip in Extensions Dark Brown (Color #2) 10 Pieces(pcs) Full Head Luxury Set [set weight: 5.3oz/150grams]

Now we are talking! These hair extensions from TressMatch are probably one of the best quality I have ever come across. You can treat these exactly the same as you treat your own hair i.e. you can wash them, strengthen them, dye them, curl them, exactly as you would your own hair.

They are thick and feel fantastic. These are perfect if you have thick hair, because they really are made from full hair in the first place. Compared to the preceding two – which are fantastic value for money when you consider the price – these are like comparing a Rolls-Royce to a bicycle, and obviously the price reflects that, because you're going to be paying around $120 for these as opposed to $20 or so for the preceding sets.

There are lots of cheap clip in hair extensions around, but if you want the best – buy these!

20"-22" Remy (Remi) Human Hair Clip in Extensions Chestnut/Medium Brown (Color #6) 9 Pieces(pcs) Full Head Volume Set [Set Weight:4.5oz/125grams]

These are from the same manufacturer as the preceding set, and I recommend these hair extensions if you have slightly less than really thick hair, and a more – I hate to use this word – "normal," hair this will probably work for you. If your hair is really thick, buy the heavier extensions.

These are exactly the same quality as the last that and you can treat them just like you treat your own hair again. TressMatch over provide anything, unlike some of the cheaper extensions and these usually come in over 20 inches long. But – once again – this is reflected in the price and you're going to be paying $90-$95 for these. They are once again fantastic quality, quite thick but very silky and smooth.

Highly recommended! Go to sleep

16" Remy (remi) Human Hair Clip in Extensions Dark Brown (Color #2) 10 Pieces (pcs) Full Head Volume Set [set weight: 4oz/110grams]

If you're looking for shorter clip in hair extensions then these are superb from the same makers – TressMatch. These are only 16 inches long, and subsequently less expensive because of that, around $75 usually.

As with all the extensions from this manufacturer they can be treated just like real hair. I personally feel it is worth spending the extra money, because is nothing worse than having hair extensions that don't feel quite right, and these feel superb. These are the hair extensions that I usually use myself, and I have had these for over a year and they are still perfect, which is – I think – a product of buying decent quality in the first place. If I had bought a cheapo set I would probably have had to replace them several times by now.

How to Apply Clip in Hair Extensions


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