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Best Drugstore Makeup Removers

Updated on February 4, 2011

Best Makeup Remover Cloth

The CVS makeup remover cloths work well for removing a light layer of makeup from your whole face. These are sold in starting in packs of 25 in a resealable plastic package. I like to toss these in my gym bag or use before I go to bed to remove makeup quickly. Using these are an easy way to not end up with makeup streaking along my face at the gym.

The CVS brand costs less than name brands sold in the local drugstore and perform just as well.Don't confuse cleansing cloths with basic makeup remover cloths when shopping, they are sold in similar packaging.

Best Oil-Free Mascara Eye Makeup Remover

Almay Oil-Free makeup removed pads are excelling for removing eye shadow and mascara. Remove all your eye makeup easily and quickly with the circular oil-free pads. Specifically seek out oil-free brands. One small container will last you at least a couple months when using once a day.

If you have not found out with experience, the oils in some makeup removers will get in your eyes. This can irritate your eyes or contact lenses. Getting oil in your eyes can also temporarily blur your vision and can be hard to wipe off. Be gentle on your sensitive eye skin with the right products.

Best Oil-Free Liquid Makeup Remover

Kroger's liquid makeup remover is an inexpensive and cheap makeup remover that works great. Use cotton balls to absorb the liquid to remove eye makeup. The oil-free formula does not separate and require shaking before use.

I have not experienced a difference between the generic Kroger and the branded products it is sold beside. You don't always have to sacrifice performance when you buy a generic brand - they work just as well. In some stores the branded makeup removers (and related face care products) are organized by brand so check in a couple different places to find the various makeup removers offered at your local store. For example, the Almay brand may be on the shelf with other Almay items. Check farther down the aisle to find generic branded items if you don't see them immediately.


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