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Best Electric Shaver for Men

Updated on May 22, 2013

My husband is a gadget freak, and as I'm in the hairdressing business, I have good contacts with all the shaver manufacturers who also tend to make hair trimmers as well as shavers and electric razors. So – my husband has used all of these things, and occasionally – I'm not proud – when I'm in a hurry I may pinch them to shave my legs.

These things are astounding, because the recent advances in technology have allowed the manufacturers like Braun to really go to town, and these are nothing like shavers you could buy just a few years ago.

As I mentioned in my intro, these are the best of the best I don't care how expensive they are, so you not to find any $20 shavers on this review. As far as I'm concerned – all of them shave as close as a wet shave, and these are probably some of the best looking pieces of equipment a man could buy. In fact – I get wet just thinking about…… Just kidding!

Braun Series 7-790cc Pulsonic Shaver System, Black and Silver

This is an incredible piece of equipment which – according to the ads – produces 10,000 micro vibrations per minute and achieves the closest shave Braun have ever been able to offer thanks to a thing called "optifoil," and although I am no technical expert all I can really say is – this thing gives an amazing shave. This is probably the best shaver on the market.

It actually has a system that lifts and cuts hair that's lying flat, is hundred percent waterproof and fully washable and uses something called Intelligent Pulsonic Technology to create the 10,000 vibrations.

One of the most interesting features is the fact that you can automatically clean charge and lubricate the shaver at the touch of a button using an alcohol-based cleaning solution that apparently eliminates 99.999% of all known germs.

At the end of the day – that is all just spiel – all you really made to know is that this thing works it like a dream and provides the closest shave possible

Panasonic ES-LV61-A Men's 5-Blade(Arc5) Shaving System with Nanotech Blades

This is another kick's shaving system, but this one is built with little differently to the Braun, as you can see from the photograph it's a very different design. It has five blades and once again according to the ads – 30° nano blades. You can use it either wet or dry, and I can testify to the fact that it produces an amazing close shave.

It also has a special lifting and cutting feature for has that lie flat, but this system is different to the preceding model. As I said – I'm not really much on the technical stuff, and honestly – it makes no real difference, all you really need to know is how good a shaver it is and this is fantastic. Having said that I can give you more technical breakdown 14,000 CPM linear motor drive system, which means it's – fast!

The lithium ion battery means you can charge it whenever you feel like it and my husband says it cuts as close as a blade.

Braun Shaver Series 5 590cc

When it comes to high-quality electric shavers for men, there only seem to be two horses in the race – Panasonic and Braun. Nothing comes close to these guys and this is another one from Braun which offers a fantastically close shave thanks for the way the head adapts to the contours of your face.

This is 100% waterproof, copes easily with long hair as well as short hair and will charge in five minutes. It is a slightly cheaper version than the 790 cc, but gives almost as good a shave, and when you consider the difference in price – if you are on a budget – this is probably a better model for you. I've never heard a word said against these. And – like its bigger brother – actually that's not true – it's more a case of – like it's more expensive brother – you can use a similar cleaning system.

Ram Dash Panasonic Men's Shaver ES-LV72-A five-bladed blue

This is another fantastic shaver from Panasonic which is an amazingly close shave and has an innovative cleaning system. I could give you a whole bunch of technical spiel, but all I really need to tell you is that my husband thinks this is as good a shave as the first model.

Panasonic make fantastic quality products – if you've ever owned a Panasonic anything – you will know what I'm talking about, and this thing will last years. – okay – now for the boring technical spiel: five blade pressure dispersion, three minutes to charge, reciprocating multi-blade …… Boring!

At the end of the day, this is a fantastic quality product that gives an amazing shave and is easy to clean. Not sure you really need to know anything else. What are you waiting for? Go buy one!


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