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Best Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

Updated on April 4, 2013

If you want eyeshadow for brown eyes tips and ideas - here's the first one: the best color pallet for brown eyes is ... brown. Following that shades of purple and gray. Now if you go for the browns, make sure that you avoid using the same shade.

As an example my eyes are the color of amber - more so when I'm in direct sunlight. I can get away with using very dark brown shades, as well as taupes, beiges and creams. When I want to rock things up a little I opt for purples and lilacs, and for smoky eyes - grays and 'almost' blacks.

If you want natural looking makeup for brown eyes - choose to go lighter rather than darker. Day makeup is always better when it's muted and barely there - so taupes and beiges - even a hint of pink will work. Below are the five best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes - the most flattering, highly rated and the best value for money!

Benefit Cosmetics Big Beautiful Eyes

This is a gorgeous mini eyeshadow set for brown eyes. It comes from Benefit and contains all that you'll need to create sultry eyes - whether you're at home, on the go or travelling. The kit includes a primer/concealer, a dark brown, pink base color, a mid beige, a pair of makeup brushes and one brown eye liner.

The case has a small mirror in the lid, which is big enough for you to have a clear view of what you're doing (remember to get some good natural light!) and the whole kit is compact enough to slip into your purse and carry with you. Price wise - worth it if you know you're going to use it a lot and it is incredibly easy to master the right technique with this one.

L'Oreal Wear Infinite Eyeshadow Palette for Brown Eyes, Summer Dusk .16 oz (4.8 g)

I love this set of eyeshadow for brown eyes - all the colors in the mini pallet are subtle enough for day wear and are incredibly easy to apply. The four colors are: a light mauve, pale pink, pink shimmer and a cream (colored) highlighter.

The product description tells you what to apply where - though I like to advise clients to experiment - what works for one doesn't always work for another.

The color combination of this eyeshadow set is fresh and summery and will add a subtle touch that will brighten the eyes and add the perfect amount of appeal. Great price - great eyeshadow colors for brown eyes.

NYX 10 Color Palette Eye Shadow For Your Eyes Only: Smokey Eye

One of the best makeup looks for brown eyes comes with this affordable eyeshadow kit - smoky eyes. All the colors that you will need to create gorgeous, sultry and alluring eyes can be found within this pallet.

You have dark browns, blacks and shades of gray - as well as two highlighter shades. It also comes with a mirror in the lid and one sponge applicator - though I'd advise you to use a small eye makeup brush to apply them. Used with a good quality primer you'll find the colors last for as long as you need them to - plus it's a compact set so you can take it along for touch ups. Lovely smoky eyes combination for under 10 dollars.

Bare Escentuals Wearable Eye Kit - Meet the Nuts

Bareminerals produce some fantastic makeup products and this is one of their best eyeshadow sets for brown eyes. The eye shadows are all 100% mineral based and formulated to work with your skin and remain in place all day long.

You have three colors - a light cream color for highlighting, a mid brown for accentuating and a slightly darker brown for adding depth.

You could sweep the two lighter colors across your eyes for day wear, adding the darker brown to create more drama for a night out. A popular brand, highly rated and worth every penny.

NYX 10 Color Palette Eye Shadow The Runway Collection: 04 Catwa

This is the best neutral collection of eyeshadow for brown eyes - all neatly stored in a compact case with a good sized mirror. The colors range across mid-browns, a hint of pink and mauve, so you have a lot of choice for creating natural looking eyes for either day or nightwear.

Again - prepare your eyes by way of a primer in order to create the right base - then apply the colors of your choice. The brand - NYX - produces some good quality makeup and they're certainly worth buying for the level of superiority that you get, without having to pay the high prices associated with some brand names. Affordable, small enough for the purse and plenty of color choice.


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