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Best Eyewear Designs for Winter

Updated on December 9, 2012

Believe it or not, wintertime is actually the best time to dress up and look fabulous. It's cold outside, giving you the best reason to dress up and experiment with layers, coats, scarves, tall boots, and even fashionable eyewear.

It's cold, foggy and snowing outside but the elements should never stop you from looking fabulous. Winter is one of those tricky seasons: it might seem like a gloomy time to go out in style, but as they say, fashion is not limited to a particular weather or a particular season. There are several attires and fashion accessories made perfectly for the winter weather and now would be a good time to build your wardrobe so you'll never go out of style for the next 4 months.

Finding winter clothing pieces will be easy but choosing the right fashion accessories to go with them might pose a challenge. People who need eyeglasses and sunglasses, for example, will have the greatest share of this season's fashion dilemma!

According to most fashion forward people, finding the right stylish eyewear to match your winter wear is challenging because most eyeglasses were designed to match well with formal clothing. Fortunately, there are several eyeglass frame designs today that are colorful, and most importantly, still stylish when worn alongside layers of clothes like coats, scarves and boots.

When choosing the right pair of winter eyewear, match the frame colors with this season's colors. Since winter is cold, colors like blue, periwinkle, silver, white and several other hues would be ideal.

If you are brave enough to experiment with other shades, you can always choose frame colors that oppose this season's colors. Colors present in autumn, summer, and spring would be good colors to try, but bear in mind that only the bravest fashionistas have succeeded with mixing and matching opposing colors and textures with each other.

As for eyewear designs, you have three different styles to choose from this season: full-frames, half-frames, and sun-readers, or sunglasses that double as prescription reading glasses in one!

For full-frames, you could try horn-rimmed glasses or cat-eye eyewear. These are classic styles that are perfect for wearing during all 4 seasons.

For half-frames, you could wear lensless frames, or better yet, try browline frames but pick colors that are closer to the winter spectrum to make the look edgy for the season.

Finally, if you want to wear sunglasses while out and about during such a cloudy season, the choice is yours, but it would be best to top your look with a pair of sun-readers.


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