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Best Face Cream Moisturizer And Anti Wrinkle Face Cream

Updated on February 7, 2013

We all need to get into the habit of using a good face cream as a part of our daily skin care routine. I always recommend to clients that if you're going to start paying attention to the importance of looking after your skin - do it properly.

Don't just buy a facial cleanser then miss out on using face creams once your skin is thoroughly cleansed - that's like peeling an orange and not eating it. Your face is one of the most exposed parts of your body so give it what it needs.

It needs nourishing - hydrating if dry, sensitive handling if oily and prone to acne, and so on. Treat your skin the way that you treat anything that you valued - with care. The five best face creams are featured below. They're all popular, well rated and do the job they were designed for - looking after your skin.

Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum, Concentrated Amino-Peptide plus B3 Complex

This is the best selling anti aging face cream and great for general day use. As I've said before - the Olay Regenerist range is better when used together, as they're designed to compliment and support each different step - the night cream, facial cleanser, microdermabrasion set and so on.

That said I love Olay products. They're always packed full of vitamins that are essential to repairing sun damaged skin and reduce the signs of aging - E, B5 and B3. The serum (because it's nearer to that than a cream) feels luxurious and leaves your skin supple and soft from the first application. This one's also fragrance free and great for those with sensitive skin problems and/or dry skin. A lovely, well packaged face cream for wrinkles.

Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion

I've recommended this best selling face cream before - and I'll do it again. Aveeno have been around a long time and they know that what goes into their bottles will help reduce dry skin problems, hydrate and soften as well as leave your skin looking refreshed and rejuvenated.

This is a non-greasy cream, designed to moisturize where needed and it's especially good for chapped, itchy or inflamed skin. It's gentle yet effective, nearer to being a lotion than a cream and absorbs wonderfully into your face - or hands, neck - anywhere that you apply it. A great value for money cream, lovely moisturizing properties - worth every cent.

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum

This is the best firming face cream - again, a Regenerist product from Olay. How does this one differ from the daily serum? The science bit - this one lacks vitamins B5 but contains a more concentrated amino-peptide formula.

A peptide is an amino acid - they're the basic structure of proteins. When they collect together (they connect in a chain like formation) they're then known as peptides. 75% of the body is made from amino-acids. We don't store them - we use them. That's how Regenerist works - it puts back what's missing by way of an amino-peptide complex, delivered in the form of a serum. So saying - if you want moisturized, firmer refreshed skin - you may find all that you need in a bottle of Olay. It's not a consistent best seller for nothing!

eb5 Facial Cream

This is a great moisturizing cream - highly rated and hugely popular. It's the cream that tends to be chosen by the middle aged - but it's one that I recommend to those of any age, if they need it. It contains many of the same ingredients found in Olay products, especially vitamins B3m B5 and E.

That's what makes this a great anti wrinkle cream, one that will help fight the signs of aging. It's absorption rate is rapid, it's non-greasy and will work just as well for men as it will for women. It's effective - and a little cheaper than Olay when you compare by weight. Lots of good reasons to buy this one - moisturizing, reduces sun damage and the signs of aging, plus it can soothe and calm dry, itchy skin.

Avalon Organic Botanicals Vitamin C Rejuvenating Oil-Free Moisturizer

This is the best vitamin C face cream - great for those that want all the properties of a good anti-aging, firming and rejuvenating cream that contains vit c, is free of parabens and lacks any animal testing in the process of its manufacture.

This is the cream for those with a conscience about the world around them - that also does a great job of repairing damage and redressing the balance. It's about the same price as the other featured products so you're not paying more than you should, plus it's a highly rated cream overall. Those with oily or normal skin will benefit the most - so if you're acne prone, give it a try.

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