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Best Goat Milk Soap

Updated on April 5, 2013

There's something to be said for using goat milk soap for the most luminous, soft and supple skin. Goats milk has a close Ph match to that of our skin - which effectively makes it an awesome choice for those with sensitive skin problems.

There are some benefits to goats milk soap that other soaps don't provide quite as naturally. It's wonderful for adding brightness to the skin tone - as it's now to have slight anti-inflammatory properties, which can cool down sore, reddened skin.

It's great for acne and eczema sufferers, due to it's mild and gentle cleansing action - plus it's packed full of wonderful, natural anti-oxidants - Vitamins A, B, C and D. Beyond that the natural oils and fats are wholly moisturizing - which leads to a great all-round beauty product. The five best goats milk products are featured below ... spoil yourself - you won't be disappointed!

Handmade Goat Milk Soap - Dead Sea Salt with Kelp Powder

This is the best goat milk soap - that also possesses a fine exfoliating factor. It's manufactured from 100% pure goats milk and blended with dead sea salt to give you that fully cleansed feeling after use. Although no additional fragrances have been added, it does have a fresh though entirely natural scent - mostly due to the sea salt and kelp powder.

It's a light and creamy handmade soap - lots of lather and gentle cleaning power. It's also one of the cheapest all-natural handmade goat milk soap bars on the market - so it's indulgent without the heavy price tag. A wonderful, high quality soap - would also make a very welcome gift.

Goats Milk Soap, with Fragrance

This is a wonderfully good goat milk soap - and also one of the best and most popular. It's a triple milled soap bar - this gives a harder, more condensed bar that lathers up far better than most due to the air being (pretty much) eradicated during the manufacturing process.

It's not entirely natural . and it's not a handcrafted soap either but it is mild, it is gentle and it does leave the hands and skin soft, supple and moisturized. It has an artificially added fragrance that's delightfully subtle yet refreshing and it's a great choice if you suffer from dry itchy skin. At a little under 6 dollars for 3 soap bars - it's also a great bargain buy.

Two Piece Pure Goats Milk Soap Set Rose Shaped And Bar

This is the best pure organic goat milk soap - one in the shape of a bar, the other pressed into the shape of a rose. It's incredibly indulgent soap - almost 100% goats milk and a few natural essential oils to blend and form the soap.

It's an ideal soap to use for all the family - being so pure and gentle it won't irritate the skin - which means that those with skin conditions such as eczema or sensitive skin can use it, and it's just as good to use on the very young. Despite the lack of scent - it just smells refreshingly clean, and the light lather feels like pure luxury. An awesome and organic handmade soap.

Buttermilk & Goat Milk with Oatmeal and Honey (Handmade Soap)

Another best selling goat milk soap - this one combined with honey, oatmeal and essential oils. The ingredients in this handmade soap bar make it a great choice for those with oily or acne prone skin. It's incredibly gentle yet won't add to the negatives that come with having an oily skin type.

The goats milk is 100% pure, the oatmeal is organic and the honey is also an all-natural product. Also included is just enough buttermilk, palm and olive oil to thoroughly enrich and enhance the soap - producing a wonderful fragrance and lather. Great choice for those that need a little help with easily irritated skin.

Zum Bar Goat's Milk Soap 3 oz

This goat milk soap comes in a variety of blends and combinations. Each bar is manufactured in the US and, depending upon your 'flavor' you can choose a soap bar that uses goat milk and a wide range of other essential oils and ingredients.

You can choose from almond, frankincense and myrrh, sandalwood and citrus, patchouli oil and many more. They're all created to be slightly different so that you can choose your favorite. Sandalwood is great for clearing the head, the rosemary and mint blend is wonderfully refreshing - and the patchouli is a wonderful scent that leaves you smelling great and feeling deep down clean. A gorgeous collection - note the price is per bar.


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