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Best Hair Gel - Review on Axe and other Hair Gels

Updated on September 3, 2013
Best Hair Gel
Best Hair Gel | Source

Looking for a best hair gel to redefine your style statement? Here is a review on all branded top selling hair gels available online. Out of numerous brands and their products we have covered review of only few tested and hot selling products.

This review covers top selling products of best brands like American Crew, TIGI, Nexxus, Axe Hair gel etc. Try only these products to get a great look and keep your hair healthy.

Don’t go for cheaper products available outside, use only well known brands. Cheap and substandard hair products will cause hair fall and skin allergies. Top brands like Axe, American crew & L'Oreal invest lot of money in research to make their products better and side effects free.

Axe Hair Gel

Being a market leader in body spry, Axe came up with hair gel which is uplifting its brand name further. ‘Axe Whatever Messy Look Paste’ hair gel comes in pack of three 2.64 ounce jars. After trying this product we found this worth of the money. It gives you perfect hold without any hard or crunchy feelings. This gel has quite light and pleasant fragrance. Your hair looks very natural when you apply Axe hair gel. This is the best product to try before you look for other products. This one really redefines your style statement and gives stunning look to your hair.

If you haven't tried this one till today this is the time to get one and let all hot chicks follow you!

American Crew

American Crew firm hold styling gel is the next hot selling and the best hair gel you can find in market. This product comes in pack of two 15.2 ounce bottles. It has got ultimate holding power and also helps your hair look thicker & shine. This gel is 100% alcohol free and can be used on both wet and dry hair. American Crew is one of the top selling products which have got millions of satisfied customer reviews.

American Crew Medium Hold Spray

American Crew medium hold spray comes in pack of two 8.45 ounce bottles. This is one of the highly recommended hair gels for day to day use. Just spry it on your hair and comb it, your hair setting is finished. This gel is enriched with Sage, Quillaja and Ginseng. It gives medium holding power for natural look and also protects hair damage from UV rays. This product is best one for everyday usage.

TIGI Bed Head Men Power Play Best Hair Gel

TIGI bed head gel comes in pack of one or six 8.45 ounce tubes. Tigi Bed Head for men power play firm finish gel is 100% alcohol free and non flammable. It is strong enough with a good amount of shine and also smells great. This will hold your hair perfectly all day long.

Nexxus Exxtra Gel Style Creation Sculptor

This is another best selling hair gel available online at best price. Nexxus Exxtra style creation sculptor comes in pack of two 8.50 ounce tubes. This product provides exceptional hold with incredible styling effects. Nexxus extra style creation sculptor is ideal for hair sculpting, thermal styling, naturally drying styles and also for wet looks. It includes Elastins and Collagen Amino acids which adds elasticity, strength and shining to your hair.

L’Oreal Studio Clear Minded Gel

L’Oreal studio clear minded comes in pack of six 6.8 ounces tubes. This is the best hair styling gel supplied by top brand L’Oreal. This product provides long lasting control for hard to hold hair styles. It has got power packed polymers which helps to wheedle your hair style into position and keep it in place. If you frequently change your looks then this product is a right choice for you.

CHI Infra Maximum Control Gel

CHI Infra maximum control product comes in pack of two 8.50 ounce bottles. This is the best hair gel which is non-sticky and ideal for all hard to hold styles. This gel helps in shaping, defining, molding and spiking without buildup or flaking. It also gives incredible shine to your hair.

Tryout these top selling products to find which suits your hair well and gives stylish, attractive style. Axe, L'Oreal & American crew are best brands which doesn't act harsh on your hair. Its better to try those three brands and choose one for a regular use. Hope this article helped you to select a best hair gel. You can find more detailed review on these products and place orders on Amazon website. If you found this article helpful, please ‘Vote Up’ and also share with your friends.


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