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Best Hair Growth Products: Biotin Shampoo

Updated on February 26, 2013

Many people purchase biotin shampoo as a means of promoting healthy hair growth. In short they buy it hoping that it will combat hair loss. The truth is - there is no proven hair loss method that can be found in a bottle of shampoo, leave in conditioner or any other hair styling product that I know of.

However - biotin is known for it's ability to improve the health of existing hair and if you have weak, fine or thinning hair there's no reason not to try it. Regarding hair loss products - shampoo containing biotin doesn't penetrate through the scalp - which is where the follicle takes root.

It can and will make your hair appear thicker and healthier as it will coat the hair shaft and work with what you do have. The five best biotin shampoos are featured below. They're all best sellers and highly rated. Don't expect miracles - but do expect an improvement in the appearance of your hair.

Avalon Organics Biotin B Complex Thickening Shampoo

This is the best biotin shampoo for thinning hair. As I've said before - you're hair won't suddenly start to regrow if you're already suffering from male/female pattern baldness but it will protect and nourish what you do have.

Equally it does a great job with thin, fine or fly away hair. We're not all born with lush amounts of hair on our heads and the combined efforts of panthenol, niacin and biotin (vitamin B compound) in this shampoo are a part of what helps it to improve the hair's strength and inject bounce and volume into the hair overall. A worthy hair thickening product - and it's incredibly cheap.

Nexxus VitaTress Biotin Shampoo

This is Nexxus biotin shampoo - a big favorite of those looking to improve fine or thinning hair. It's a good volume booster, certainly adds a feeling of strength and thickness overall and it leaves you hair feeling refreshed and nourished throughout.

Some don't appear to like that fact that it won't address hair loss from the regrowth perspective. If you really do want to try to regrow lost hair, the best way is from within - eating vitamin B rich foods or using vitamin supplements is the best method of approach that I'm aware of. Beyond that, with this shampoo your hair will experience a healthier outlook and feel stronger and more robust.

Jason Natural Products Natural Biotin Shampoo

This is a natural biotin shampoo and beyond it's ability to revitalize lifeless, thinning or fine hair, it also works well for those that suffer from dry and irritated scalps. The rich and creamy lather is wonderfully good, the fragrance smells natural and lasts beyond drying and styling.

It's especially good for those that suffer from dandruff and that find they're left with a horribly itchy scalp - it seems to moisturize not just the hair but the scalp as well. For those with a dandruff problem I'd suggest using this once or twice a week just for the moisturizing properties. On top of how well it works - it's very affordable. Anti hair thinning shampoos don't have to cost the earth and like the Biotin B Complex, this one's another fine example.

Mill Creek Botanicals Biotin

Another good biotin shampoo - this time from Mill Creek. Again it's an all natural shampoo and is packed full of naturally growing ingredients that will add volume and strength to your hair. It penetrates the hair shaft by way of it's rich lather and goes to work whilst you're massaging it through your hair and scalp.

It can be used as a daily shampoo due to how mild and gentle it is and over a period of time you'll find that your hair looks better, feels better and regains some of what it may have been missing. It will both cleanse and condition your hair and scalp and, once again - it's even more attractive due to the low price tag.

Biotene H-24 Shampoo

This is the last of the best biotin shampoo products - another highly affordable, good qaulity hair product that does exactly what it says on the bottle ... encourages increased volume and strength in thinning, fine, brittle or damaged hair.

It will nourish your hair by penetrating through the shaft, slowly building up your hair's ability to withstand the normalities of day-to-day living. It's a fairly concentrated shampoo - a little goes a long way and the best way to use this - or any of the other biotin shampoos - is to massage it into your for a minute or two, then leave it a further few minutes to fully penetrate the hair shaft. Affordable, highly rated - worth a try.


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