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Best Hair Oil

Updated on February 6, 2013

If you have naturally thick, curly hair, one hair product you should use on a regular basis is hair oil. It's a great way to condition and repair your hair as it replaces lost moisture, calms and defines curl, and help to reverse the damage done through over-exposure to hair styling products and the sun.

There's a good variety of hair oils and brands on the market, which offers plenty of choice in relation to individual hair type, length and underlying issues. Some fine that the best for them is coconut oil, others prefer using olive oil or jojoba.

Featured below are the five best dry hair oil treatments. Each one is formulated to work with dry, damaged hair, they're all good value for money and highly popular products overall.


One of the best selling hair oil products is Moroccanoil. It's and intense oil, full of re-hydrating properties and can be used as a leave in conditioner, a hot oil treatment or as a hair styling product once you've done with blow drying or using flat irons.

The price reflects the quality of the product and one bottle will last a long time. Once you've purchased it you need to work out how much your hair type needs in order to achieve the right results. Hair that's dry and damage through chemical processing will need a little more than hair that's naturally dry because it's coarse and/or curly. A great oil, good for the hair and great value for money in the long term.

Agadir Argan Oil Treatment

This best selling hair oil is a real Moroccan oil product. The bottle contains Argania Spinosa, which is a native oil that is found in Mexico. The oil used is 100% pure and derived straight from the Argan, which is a species of tree found in the semi-arid areas of Southwest Morocco.

It's a wonderful product and used for a range of nutritional and cosmetic benefits. As this is an organic hair oil, it's a good choice for those that suffer from sensitive scalp conditions as it won't cause further irritation. For the price and weight, it's better value for money than the previous product and, if you're trying to choose between the two, this one is far more natural and beneficial all round. Try it - you may be pleasantly surprised!

Watts Moroccan Beauty Oil - 100% Pure Cold Pressed Argan Oil /EcoCert Certified for Professional Use

This hair oil is pretty much like the one above - only it comes in a smaller bottle and size. You're getting the same oil from (probably!) the same Argan tree groves in Morocco and of course your also getting the same wonderful benefits that come from using a 100% natural oil product.

You can use this as a hair oil for moisturizing and repairing damage, by using it direct, or you can add a little to your shampoo and conditioner and let it work it's magic that way. Alternatively add a few drops to your bath for a luxurious soak that will soften and soothe your skin or apply a little direct to your skin anywhere that you feel needs a liitle help. A lovely organic product that's great for you and the environment.

Africa's Best Organics Olive Oil Extra Virgin Hair Polish

This is the best selling olive oil hair oil product. It can be used on both damp and dry hair and is based upon extra virgin olive oils and delivered by way of a fine misting spray that smells great and leaves hair looking moisturized and, most importantly - controlled.

It's pretty cheap at 6 ounces for under 5 dollars and used sparingly (as you should with all hair oils) it will last for months, even when used on a daily basis. It is a lightweight product and evenly sprayed around the hair it will feel barely there. It doesn't leave a build up and you won't find that it leads to a greasy scalp with time. Lovely, does what it's supposed to do, and cheap too.

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