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Best Hair Products for Curly Hair

Updated on April 6, 2013

If you have naturally wavy or curly hair then you'll need curly hair products. Due to the way the hair shaft curls, each individual hair is rougher to start with. This is because of the design of the hair shaft - in particular the outer layer - the cuticle.

The cuticle is simply a layer of interlocking cells - imagine roof shingles - that run the length of the shaft. When a hair is bent or curled, the cuticles protrude more, which can create a more pronounced feeling of coarseness - depending upon the thickness and strength of the curl.

This is why curly hair needs a little extra moisturizing and conditioning. Curly hair tips are many ... using a good quality sulfate free shampoo is one of them - and another is that I always advise clients to invest in products specifically aimed at curly hair. Featured below are the five best curly hair products - chosen for their value for money, ability to condition and of course they're popularity.

MoroccanOil - moroccan oil treatment for all hair types

This is the best selling of the curly hair products - a fabulous bottle of Moroccan oil specially formulated for curly hairstyles, frizzy hair and pretty much anyone that struggles (and fights!) with coarse, dry or damaged hair.

It's a little pricey at just over 30 dollars for a 3.4oz bottle but - it's an oil. It will last a long enough length of time to make it an excellent value for money product. I use this on many clients that have difficult to manage curls and they always love the results.

The secret is ... less is more. Apply it sparingly, massage it through the hair thoroughly (while still damp) and style as normal. Awesome results - shine, bounce and no-frizz ... in a bottle.

TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Amplifier,

We all love Tigi products! Trusted, well known and up to high industry standards - this is another of the best selling curly hair products. It's more of a curl enhancer and will add volume, texture and improve waves/curls as well as moisturize, separate and define curls.

This will not set your style - so do bear that in mind. If, after you've applied Curls Rock you wish to hold your hair, a gel spray or hair spray is recommended once dry. Like the previous product, use when your hair is still wet - massage in, distributing it evenly and either style or leave to dry naturally. Creates vibrancy, definition and volume - with none of the frizz.

Kerastase Nutritive Oleo-Relax Serum

Pricey - but worth it, this is the best of the black curly hair products. It does an amazing job of calming and defining super frizzy hair by re-hydrating the hair without turning it greasy or weighing it down and causing it to look lifeless and flat.

It's nourishing and fast acting and repeated use will help return much needed nutrients that seem sadly lacking when you're hair is thick, course and curly. It has a lovely subtle fragrance and though it's recommended that you sue it as a styling product on dry or almost dry hair . if your hair is particularly hard to manage, massage it into towel tried hair will provide your hair with a much needed treat. Great product for curly or wavy hair - worth every cent as it's long lasting and gives fantastic results.

TIGI Bed Head Manipulator,

This is one of those frizzy hair products that makes you think ... why haven't I tried it before. It's actually designed to style straight, wavy or curly hair and can be used either on wet or dry hair. Personally - for those that have come to me with curly hair, I've used a moisturizer (the Tigi Curls Rock for e.g.) first, semi styled the hair then finished off with the Head Manipulator to set and hold.

It's non-sticky, enters the hair shaft, so works within and without, plus it conditions. For the price you get a pack of two jars and used correctly it lasts well. Like with many of today's hair care and styling products - less is more. Don't overload your hair and use more than you need. Warm a small amount up in the palm of your hands first - then massage through. Great results - light to work with, firm hold and styles curly hair perfectly.

Sunsilk Captivating Curls 24/7 Creme with Aloe-E

The last on the list of best selling curly hair products is the Sunsilk Creme. It's a surprisingly good product, made for curl hair and definitely deserving of its five star rating. You get a pack of 6 bottles for the price and you'll soon discover just how good it is for taming frizzy hair.

It's a combination leave-in-conditioner and hair gel - and does a great job of bridging the gap between the two. The fragrance is delicious and the results equally so. It's a light product, nothing heavy or sticky about it and it produces soft, manageable hair that holds it's style, looks great - and is completely free of the dreaded frizzies. Amazing hair cream, well worth investing in for great looking (and happy!) hair.


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