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Best Hair Spray - Hairspray Volumizing Products For Great Looking Hair

Updated on February 6, 2013

One of the most commonly used hair products - both in the salon and in homes across the US - is hair spray. In many ways how our hair looks after we've styled is just as important to us before we start washing it, adding leave in conditioner and going at it with a variety of other hair care products.

Over the years, hair sprays have improved and despite the move towards hair gels, hair wax and so on - hair sprays remain a constant. They're affordable, can be used for more than just holding a style - they can add volume, shine, prevent frizz and even enhance hair color.

The five best hairsprays are featured below. They're the best selling hair products in their category, hugely popular, highly rated and of course they will all help you to have great looking hair.

Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Volumizing Hairspray Hair Sprays Powder

This is the best selling volumizing hair spray - as well as the best selling overall. Does it add volume? That depends on what you do before you use the spray on your hair. It's no secret that the way to create added volume to hair includes the use of complimentary (to your particular hair type) volume creating products - gels, fixers, shampoos and so on.

That and turning your head upside down and drying it from the roots out. Plus the cut - if your hair is long and lank and in good need of a cut, no amount of prep will change how it looks. This is the honest answer ... so back to the spray. Yes - it is a volume enhancer as long as you're already aiming to add extra bounce and thickness. Generally it holds well, feels light (non-sticky) and keeps your style in place. Also available in a small purse size can, so you can take it with you if necessary.

Sebastian Shaper Hairspray 3 Bottles (10oz each)

I love this stuff - it's the best medium hold hair spray and comes in three 10 oz bottles for around 30 dollars. Not the cheapest but certainly one of the best you'll find. It's an excellent holding spray, no doubts and brushes out so easily after you're done with your night out or day at work.

It's so fine when you spray it - it really is like a mist. Although the recommended distance is to spray roughly 12" away, if you want a little extra hold (say when using straighteners) then section spray your hair before using the straightener or curling iron. The heat will set the hairspray and you'll get a stronger, more defined hold. A big favorite in professional beauty salons - highly recommended.

Paul Mitchell Freeze & Shine Super Spray

This is the best non aerosol hair spray and comes from the Paul Mitchel brand. Now - the Paul Mitchell name has been around for seems like an age and truth be told . the company know a thing or two about the hair and beauty industry.

They know what works in a professional environment and have always tried to replicate products that will also work at home. This is one of them - it adds not only a medium hold to your hair style ... it also adds a shine. Not sure about the 'memory' side of the advertising but it sure does its job of holding your style and giving that extra salon finished touch. Worth the price, non-animal tested and manufactured in the USA.

Pantene Pro-V Style Classic Unscented Hair Spray

You've gotta love Pantene products - I do. This is the best unscented hair spray - which is a big reason to buy for many people. Hairsprays are not known for the wonderful fragrances they give off - plus that's not why we buy them.

Generally we buy what works - period. When we want to smell good we buy fancy perfumes and body sprays. This one really doesn't have an odor plus it does do a great job of providing a good medium level hold that looks and feels flexible. The spray itself is quite light and if you get the pump action right you won't end up depositing a large dose of the spray all in one place. Remember - with non aerosols you pump and move the bottle at the same time. Lovely fragrance free hairspray - a definite favorite.

Honeybee Gardens Hair Spray Alcohol Free

If you're concerned about the environment and want or need the best alcohol free hair spray - then look no further. Generally they're hard to find as alcohol is a commonly used ingredient in most hairsprays. This one is free of more than just alcohol though - no PABA's (para-amino-benzoic-acid) and no propellants, so you're helping out with the ozone layer problem.

It holds surprisingly well - and can be used on wet hair to help create volume (much like a gel spray) or used on dry hair to set it. It has a pleasant fragrance, nothing like you usually get with a hair spray and it doesn't leave your hair sticky or feeling weighted down. Final note - it's so cheap it's almost silly not to give it a try!

Paul Mitchell on Cruelty Free Hair Products


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