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Best Hair Straightener for Your Hair Type

Updated on March 6, 2013

What is the best flat iron or hair straightener? The simple answer is the one that works best with your hair type and hair style. Is your hair thick or fine? Long or short? Coarse or silky soft? You need to focus on what it is you need your hair straighteners to do.

If you have fine, fly-away mid-length hair, almost any standard ceramic flat iron will work. If your hair is super curly, thick and long, you'll require a pair that heat up to a higher degree and incorporate the latest technology, such as ceramic plates and one that emits negative irons.

There are many different flat irons on the market, many of which are hugely popular and highly rated. The five best flat iron models are featured below. They're able to deal with a variety of different hair types and styles - and they're all great value for money.

BabylissPro Nano Titanium 1 1/4" Straightening Iron

These are the best flat irons - they heat up to 450 degrees, heat up rapidly and the plates are a little longer than the average hair straighteners. They're a good all-round choice - and will calm and smooth even the thickest of hair types.

They glide smoothly over the hair and their ability to leave the hair completely straight, shiny and frizz free is pretty impressive. They're not the most expensive of irons but they're certainly able to compete with the more commonly known brands, such as GHD and Chi.

The heat controls are digital, which makes it easier to keep track of which temperature you're using and the cord is long enough not to tangle up. A good quality set for less than half the price of some of the more expensive models.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron

This pair of best selling flat irons differ from the previous product due to the fact that they're incredibly slim - they're 1 inch wide, which makes them great for those with shorter hair styles. The temperature reaches 450 degree fahrenheit and it's a simple task to control it.

They're lightweight and highly portable and will heat up in around 20 seconds. The plates are nano titanium, which is just a fancy expression for the way they perform - they use negative ions to style your hair, which is less damaging and allows for a better heat distribution. A well made compact pair of hair straighteners - great for all types of hair.

Andis Ceramic Clamp Flat Iron

These are the best cheap flat irons. They're surprisingly good for a pair that costs a lot less than 20 dollars. They will heat up to 375 degrees and the temperature can be set anywhere along a line of 20 different settings.

The plates are ceramic and 1 inch wide, which makes them a good choice for shorter styles, though they will happily perform on longer hair just as easily. There's an automatic shut down facility, which is sometimes missing from more expensive hair straighteners, and they're a US manufacture. A great set of quality straighteners - for an unbelievably low price tag.

Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron Straightener (Black Titanium Plate) 450 degrees

I love these - a best selling flat iron that's fun yet totally functional. The plates are titanium and 1.5 inches wide and they heat up to 450 degrees. The heat-up is rapid, less than 20 seconds and they glide through hair beautifully - no snagging, tangling or pulling.

Most people will find that using the hair straighteners on 380 degrees is plenty heat wise, the highest settings are better for those with very thick and/or coarse hair types. The length of the plates is a little longer than usual, which helps to cut down on styling time. Overall they're a well manufactured hair styling product, innovative design, user friendly and hot! Worth every cent.

Remington S9500 Salon Collection Digital Ceramic Hair Straightener with Pearl Infused Wide Plates, 1 Inch

I am a big fan of Remington products and these best selling flat irons are the same pair that I use at home. They're ceramic hair straighteners, heat up to 450 degrees and the special 'pearl' coating over the plates does facilitate a very smooth glide along the hair shaft.

They heat up in 15 seconds and include an auto shut-off if they're not used for 60 minutes. They're a good choice whatever type of hair you have - they tame frizzy, straight hair, will iron the kinks out of curly hair and will always leave your hair shiny and sleek looking.

You can also create fun curls with these ones, as the plate length and width is about the right size and shape to do so. A great choice - highly recommended, and they're cheap too!


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