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Best Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening

Updated on July 6, 2013


Stained yellow teeth are one of the worst things to see in photographs. No matter how great your smile, it will be blemished by those ugly yellow teeth. Some people may be in more desperate situations than others, thereby having to visit their local dentist to get a quick treatment done. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, I recommend you try some of these home remedies for teeth whitening. Depending on how good or bad your teeth is, you could either see a quick change in teeth color or a more gradual one. Please note that I am not a medical professional. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you consult with a doctor before partaking in any of the below activities. Obviously, the best home remedy is to simply brush your teeth meticulously after every meal, but this may not be enough if your teeth enamel has already been badly damaged due to various habits. Whenever possible, you should always go for natural remedies because there is a small chance that your teeth and gum tissues might react to certain ingredients found in OTC whitening products such as Hydrogen Peroxide.

#1 Water Floss

A device like a water pick is a very effective weapon against teeth decay. Unlike normal dental flosses, water picks are able to dig even into your gum-line. In doing so, it is highly effective in killing or slowing down bacterial growth in your gum tissues. This device works by spraying small jets of water at high pressure. Most devices come with different pressure settings so the level of pressure can be adjusted depending on the user's gum sensitivity.

The water floss is particularly effective for people who wear braces, have impacted wisdom teeth, or are affected by certain gum diseases. For example, it's very difficult to clear all the tooth debris within braces using a normal toothbrush or toothpick. The water pick is able to clear out a significant percentage of debris without causing any ruckus on your brace structure.

How does a water floss help with teeth whitening? It clears out bacteria and food debris on you teeth enamel. Remember, teeth start to appear yellow when the enamel starts to break or wear down. By reducing the amount of bacteria on the teeth surface, the water pick reduces the chances of having your dentin (yellow substance) being exposed.

#2 Eating Strawberries?

Apparently strawberries have chemicals that boost your chances of whitening your teeth. However, the level of efficiency is considered to be relatively low so you shouldn't consider this as your main weapon against yellow teeth. Strawberries contain an enzyme called Malic acid. According to Prevention Magazine, Malic acid contain properties that aid teeth whitening. The most effective way of using strawberries for this purpose is to mash and mix them with a pinch of baking powder. Next, apply the mixture on a toothbrush and rub it gently on your teeth. Make sure you rinse your mouth well after you are done.

#3 Baking Soda

Baking soda is a common tactic used by people at home. Health professionals consider this to be the least risky and most effective home remedy (other than fruits). As an acid neutralizer, it won't do any significant harm to your teeth. There are several ways of applying baking soda. One of the more popular ways is to apply a pinch on your toothpaste and brush your teeth with the mixture. This method is highly recommended since its cheap and highly safe.

#4 Whitening Strips

By now, you probably heard of those magical strips that whiten your teeth after a week or two. Please note that it doesn't work for everybody. Some people may see results after a day, others may not see any changes at all. It all depends on the state of your teeth enamel. The stronger your enamel, the more likely you will see color changes. Whitening strips should not be seen as a long term solution. Eventually, the effects will wear off after you stop applying them. This method may not be suitable for those who have highly sensitive gum tissues. These strips contain a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide, which creates a bleaching effect on the tooth surface. It is best to consult a doctor if you had any painful oral conditions in the past.

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