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Best Hot Oil Treatments for Damaged Hair

Updated on February 25, 2013

There are a number of way in which you can treat dry and damaged hair at home. One of the best is a hot oil treatment for hair, which are products that are specially formulated to replicate the process that you will find in professional hair and beauty salons.

Hair oil works using a combination of heat and oils, as a means of fully penetrating the hair shaft and conditioning the hair from within. It's a straightforward process, one that doesn't require the need for any real professional training.

Featured below are the five best hot oil hair treatment products. They're all designed to treat dry and/or damaged hair and will result in returning some of the moisture that's lost through the use of hair styling tools, hair dyes and so on.

Alter EGO Impact Ego Hot Oil Treatment with Garlic

This hot oil treatment for hair is one of those quiet ones that often gets overlooked in the scramble for the more popular, well known brand names. It's a good product overall, full of everything you need to combat dry and damaged hair, without necessarily adding more complex chemicals into the mix.

The tun of oil goes a long way and the cost versus the amount turns it into a value for money product. It's easy to use as a hot oil - wash your hair as normal, then coat your hair well with the oil, cover with a plastic cap and sit for at least 15 minutes. If you want to speed up the process sit under a hooded hair dryer for 10 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly and style as normal. A lovely hair conditioning treatment to use once or twice a week.

LOREAL Natures Therapy Hot Oil Botanical Treatment for Dry, Brittle, or Chemically Treated Hair

This is one of those hot oil treatment for hair products that's cheap, effective and wonderful for most hair types. Even if your hair is not over processed, dry and/or damaged, sensitive and so on, it's never a bad idea to treat your hair and scalp to a regular hot oil conditioning treatment.

This one works the same as the last one, use on damp, newly washed hair, allow the oil to penetrate the hair shaft and then simply rinse out. It's a light hair oil, won't create a build up or leave your hair feeling oily and greasy and for the record - it smells lovely. Easy to use, great results and an especially good hot oil treatment for black hair.

Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment

For the price you really have got to try the best selling hot oil treatment for hair. It's happiness for hair in a bottle and for the grand total of a single buck, you can't lose. It is only a small bottle but it's enough to give you a few uses as a means of trying it out and seeing whether or not this is the best hot oil for your hair type.

It's another lightweight product and having used this in salon settings I can say with honesty how frizz free and de-tangled it leaves even the driest of hair. It's also a good one for apply to the very ends of the hair shaft once you've styled and dried it through. It can and will act as an anti-frizz serum and if you do suffer from horribly frizzy hair no matter what you've tried, it should reduce the fluff and static. Cheap, great results - recommended for the price and quality.

Doo Gro Stimulating Growth Oil

This best selling hot oil hair treatment product is thought to be more than just a nourishing hot oil product, it's also thought to be a growth stimulating one. Now, whether it is or it isn't I can't say with honesty as I've never conducted any tests but - any product that protects, repairs and stimulate the hair and scalp will, at the very least, help retain the hairs natural ability to produce healthy hair growth.

All that said, this hair oil is full of naturally occurring herbs and essential oils and it does do a lovely job of redusing static when the hair is fully dry, plus it soothes and tames the hair all round. It also replaces lost moisture and generally leaves the hair looking and feeling much better that it may have done otherwise. Another cheap yet effective conditioning treatment that will stimulate the hair and produce great looking results.

Queen Helene Jojoba Hot Oil Treatment

This hot oil treatment for hair is based up jojoba oil and the product used in this hair oil is 100% pure. For those that may not know, jojoba oil is the replacement for whale oil and is used in any country whereby whale oil use or prohibited. It's also a natural fungicide and besides many of it's other naturally occurring benefits, it is a great conditioning product for dry and damaged hair.

As with the previous product, all you need to do is either use it as a conditioner when showering or to fully penetrate the hair and scalp, you will need to wrap your hair once you've applied it and let the heat that your scalp generates support the oils reparation process. It smells as lovely as all the other featured products and yet again it's highly affordable.

What is your favorite hot oil treatment for repairing damaged hair?

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