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Best Ladies Gold Watches

Updated on August 25, 2014
Jennifer Aniston Wearing the Rolex Presidential
Jennifer Aniston Wearing the Rolex Presidential | Source

Fashionable Watch Types for Ladies

In the last year or so the growth of the global watch market has slowed. This is partly down to the state of the economy particularly in the US and Europe but is also down to the rapid growth of watch sales in China beginning to slow. As watch manufacturers realise that a period of growth is ending it has been necessary to identify new opportunities for growth. A few top manufacturers appear to have identified the ladies watch market as this potential alternative.

For many years the luxury watch manufacturers have focused on wealthy men as their target market, marketing watches along side sports cars and worn by top male athletes. The ladies watch market has been relatively ignored and top brands have produced a fairly static range of ladies watches for many years. We have noticed at Excellent Watches that more and more women have been buying unisex or even men's watches as the design of ladies watches on offer are still catching up with the latest trends.

Recently however, as manufacturers look to maximise their share of the ladies watch market designs have been updated in a way which reflects other fashions and also men's watches. A demand for more functions has also influenced the size of watches in general.

"The more functions you add to a mechanical (watch) the thicker it gets. Maybe we have to wait for technical advances to go more into miniatures," said Thierry Stern, chairman of Patek Philippe, which makes some of the most complicated technical watches on the market. Quote from Reuters

Therefore it is currently very difficult to produce slim and elegant ladies watches with all of the functions people now expect. The options are typically one or the other and a large number of manufacturers have opted to focus on the functional side, integrating the latest technology with a chunkier style watch. This has lead to a trend of larger chronograph style watches for women, a significant change from the slimmer, more petite watches traditionally preferred by women. One example of this success is the huge rise in popularity of Micheal Kors watches. Micheal Kors have produced a range of chronograph style ladies watches, many with added diamonds and often combine gold and silver for a 'bling' effect.

As usual with any fashion trend buyer behavior is reflected by celebrity endorsement, examples of this 'large watch trend' are highlighted by celebrities including Rhiana, Charlize Theron and Jennifer Aniston (above).

Affordable Alternative to the Rolex Presidential

Michael Kors Pressley Chronograph White Dial Gold-tone Ladies Watch MK5835
Michael Kors Pressley Chronograph White Dial Gold-tone Ladies Watch MK5835

The Rolex Presidential worn by Jennifer Aniston above costs around $20,000. Most of us will never be able to afford to spend such huge amounts on a watch but there are excellent quality alternatives which look just as stylish.

Our pick of the bunch would be this Micheal Kors Pressley Chronograph. It looks just as lavish as the Rolex Presidential and as with all Micheal Kors watches you can expect superb quality. At around $130 this is a bargain for such a stunning timepiece.


Slim Watches Still Ticking Along

Despite this trend towards bulkier ladies watches some of the top end manufacturers prefer to stick to the more traditional, elegant and slim watch shape.

This may be due to pure stubbornness as well established luxury watch brands are reluctant to change a philosophy which may be a hundred years old based on a recent change in trends. However, this may also be a smart move as these top end manufacturers set the benchmark in terms of luxury watches and as middle of the range manufacturers begin to produce larger watches at cheaper prices the prestige of a slim, elegant and very expensive ladies watch will only increase.

Manufacturers like Patek and Hermes are working with the latest technologies to pack more and more functions into smaller watches.

Omega Constellation Quartz

Omega Women's 1267.70.00 Constellation Quartz Mini Two-Tone Diamond Watch
Omega Women's 1267.70.00 Constellation Quartz Mini Two-Tone Diamond Watch

Although this is not affordable to everyone this is an example of an excellent value watch from Omega. Omega have been making great watches since 1848 and the Swiss manufacturer certainly knows how to make a long lasting classic watch for ladies. The Constellation is just one example but if you are looking for a watch that will last and also hold its value this is a great place to start.


Buy Big or Small?

Whenever advising on purchasing a watch it is always important to consider the purpose of the watch.

If for example you are looking for a day-to-day watch to wear to work you may want something simple yet stylish, you will be happy to indulge in the latest trends, whether they turn out to be short term fads or long term changes in taste.

Alternatively you may be looking for something which will last a lifetime, or more, perhaps a gift for someone close. In this instance it may be better to go with something more classic: a slim, well made watch from a well established brand will certainly not disappoint and will likely hold its value.

Which ladies watch shape do you prefer?

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Micheal Kors Review

Further Inspiration

Here is a very well presented review by LeniGirly on some of Micheal Kors latest gold watches.


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