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Best Leather Sweatpants for Men

Updated on May 20, 2017

En Noir Leather Pants for Men - the Must-Have item

En noir leather pants for men, or men's leather sweatpants as they are also known, are the must-have item of the current fashion season. It seems that everyone is wearing them nowadays. Not only regular guys, but also lots and lots of male celebrities.

I think it all started with hip-hop and rap stars when they finally started showing their affection towards leather clothes a couple of years ago. But it has been in the past year, or two, when leather sweatpants really burst onto the scene. One of the first rapers who started with en noir leather pants was Kanye West, who is still wearing them almost every day, at least in the photos of him taken by the paparazzi. Another hip-hop star who is really keen on wearing leather sweatpants is Drake.

One of my favourites, who also looks absolutely magnificent in en noir leather pants is of course Usher, one of the most popular musicians currently and one of the judges on NBC's hit show The Voice. He looks absolutely smashing in black leather en noir pants and it seems he transferred his affection for leather sweatpants also onto his protegee Justin Bieber. He loves wearing leather, but it seems that he is almost in love with leather sweatpants, since he is wearing leather every day.

Bockle B-Joggers Tight leather sweatpants button closure Men, Size: W38/L36
Bockle B-Joggers Tight leather sweatpants button closure Men, Size: W38/L36

These sexy men's tight leather sweatpants come from the renowned leather brand Bockle. They are made out of high quality leather, offering great comfort and softness and great stretch while out and about on the town. THe pants have a zipper closure and inside lining.


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Leather Pants vs En Noir Leather Pants

If you decide to buy yourself a new pair of leather pants for men, you could find yourself in quite a pickle. Should you choose men's leather pants or men's leather sweatpants. Well, I guess if you haven't got leather pants yet, I would go first for men's leather pants, just so that you get the feel for them, if you like them or not, or prefer wearing jeans of leather. You won't know how leather feels before you put your leather jeans on for the first time.

But I guess, if you already have a pair of men's leather pants, I would advise you to get yourself a pair of en noir leather sweatpants. They are extremely comfortable and cosy and they will be, I guarantee you, the talk of the town, if your family and friends see you wearing them. At first you may get a few odd looks, but later on I am sure those will be replaced by the looks of appreciation and jealousy of you having such awesome sweatpants.

One of the factors that you have to weigh in is of course for what occasions are you buying the pants. If you are looking for a new pair of jeans which you can wear to concerts or while riding your bike, then you should really get classic men's leather pants or leather jeans. But if you are searching for pants in which you'll be able to relax and enjoy a nice chill out day at home or playing hoops with your friends and of course if you love wearing leather, then men's leather sweatpants (en noir leather pants) are the right choice for you!

Are Leather Sweatpants really comfortable?

Yes, they are. But in complete honesty I have my leather sweatpants now for about two weeks and haven't really got a real feel for them, since I was away on business and wore them just a couple of times. I must say that I really love them, I love having them on, all relaxed while having the cold, silky leather which is loose and because of that extremely comfy.

They are a perfect choice when going to the movies, or to the park or when you just want to relax on the couch while watching a movie. Be sure to try leather sweatpants, I am sure you'll fall in love with them.

Olrain Mens Zipper Skinny Motorcycle Faux Leather Long Pants
Olrain Mens Zipper Skinny Motorcycle Faux Leather Long Pants

These men's leather sweatpants are actually made out of faux leather, but are extremely soft and gentle to wear. The lightness and perfect stretch of the pants make them the perfect choice for your everyday activities, when you want to feel sexy and good.


Justin Bieber in Leather Sweatpants

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Idopy Men`s Black Slim Fit Soft PU Faux Leather Biker Pants
Idopy Men`s Black Slim Fit Soft PU Faux Leather Biker Pants

These slim men's leather sweatpants are made of faux leather with a zipper closure and special decorations on the side. A perfect choice for all guys who enjoy wearing leather in their free time.


Men in Leather Sweatpants

How I got My First Pair of Men's Leather Sweatpants ...

When I first heard of men's leather sweatpants I was rather skeptical about trying them on and even buying them, since I believe that leather pants should be tight and not so much stretchy. But when I finally got the chance of trying them on, I quickly discovered how comfortable, soft and gentle they were. I immediately fell in love with them. Now, I usually wear them throughout the day when I am at home or when I meet my friends or go to the park during weekend or in the afternoon. I just love the way how soft they feel against my leg. On top of it all, my friends have only had nice things to say about me wearing them.

Presentation of Men's Leather Sweatpants

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