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Best Leave In Conditioner For Dry Hair

Updated on February 15, 2013

If you want to buy a leave in conditioner for your hair - great. But first let me advise you to at least choose a conditioner that will leave your hair feeling lightweight, manageable and vibrant. Some conditioners are too heavy - no matter what it says on the bottle.

For that reason I'm only recommending hair products that will not leave your hair looking greasy and lifeless. Used with the correct shampoo - sulfate free shampoo is a good place to start - you'll soon find your hair has got some life back in it.

The following five best leave in hair conditioners are the best on the market. They'll leave your hair manageable, silky soft and healthy looking. The best tip I can give you is this: buy the right one for your hair, don't use more than you need - less is more, and only use it if you genuinely have thick, course, dry or damage hair.

Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner

This is the best leave in conditioner and the type that makes you forget that you've got any on. It's incredibly light and will leave your hair feeling super soft and redefined. It's fantastic for course, dry and damaged or curly hair as it replaces lost moisture and keeps on doing so whilst ever it remains in your hair.

For those that love to know that the products they're buying are also produced cruelty free - this is not tested on any animals during processing and it's made in the USA. To use it's a simple task of towel drying hair after shampooing - the adding the conditioner by massaging it thoroughly throughout your hair and scalp. A lovely light hair conditioner - almost a miracle in a bottle.

Shea Moisture Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner

This is a good leave in conditioner for those with really dry hair. If you have course, thick hair that's been chemically treated or you're the owner of frizzy hair - this is one to try. It's a thick consistency, and tends to act as more of a barrier than it does a conditioner.

Your hair will feel softer, more manageable and lush overall but - it does behave a little more like an anti frizz serum. And that's great if you have a problem with frizzy hair - for that alone I recommend it. It's pretty cheap and does do a good job of relaxing even the worst of the frizzies - top value for money buy, good enough conditioner.

Wella Color Preserve Detangler and Leave-In Conditioner

This is the best spray leave in conditioner and it's great for both dry and color treated hair. It's created to enhance and preserve artificial hair colors and to be honest - it does do a good job of helping the hair shaft to hold onto the color.

It's a simple pump-action spray, easy to distribute and massage around the hair and scalp, and you'll like it even better if your hair is either curly or wavy. It defines and lifts, creating volume and bounce as the hair drys. It's inexpensive at around 10 dollars for an 8oz bottle and having used it a time or two on clients hair - I can attest that it did its job.

Laminates Detangling Milk Leave In Conditioner by Sebastian

f you want a semi-light yet luxurious feeling leave in conditioner that doesn't cost over 10 dollars - give this one a whirl. It's surprisingly good at conditioning and detangling and it does an awesome job with long hair.

Whether your hair is course or fine, curly or straight you'll find that it leaves you with a new vibrancy and healthy looking sheen once you've started using it. It's especially good if you have younger children that have long hair - it can and will help reduce the stress associated with mom combing out hair after the kids have been in the bathtub! A lovely conditioner - and so cheap it's ridiculous.

Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Leave In Conditioning Spray

This is the best natural leave in conditioner and my - what an awesome hair product it is. For the price less than 10 bucks you get a fantastic all-round conditioner that not only leaves hair silk soft and manageable - it repels head lice too!

The spray bottle is packed full of organic compounds that work together to help keep lice off and out of your child's hair - day in, day out. Bear in mind it's a preventative measure but - nonetheless it does work. Head lice don't like certain smells, not least rosemary oil and tea tree, both of which are in this conditioner. Great results overall - gorgeous hair, organic product - and best for the kids!

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