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Lift Bras: Features Benefits Fitting and More

Updated on December 2, 2012

Best Lift Bra

Choosing Lift Bras

A best lift bra is also called a push up bra. It is a type of undergarment for women that has also evolved from just being functional into a fashion item. Typically this type of bra is form fitting and gives support to the breasts, enhancing the comfort of the wearer.

Features of a Best Lift Bra

A best lift bra is designed to provide an increased cleavage appearance. Its cups are angled and padded, pushing the breasts to the center of your chest upwards, and also inwards. The padding of the cups are thick and contain inserts such as water or silicone gel. These linings are shape-enhancing and five the look and feel of natural breasts. Giving support to the padding are semi-circular and think strips of materials which can be metal, resin or plastic. This are called under wires. These are sewn into the fabric of the bra under the cups that reach up to the armpits of the wearer.

Benefits of a Best Lift Bra

A best lift bra, as the name suggests, will lift your breasts to make them appear elevated and higher on your body. Women whose breasts are beginning to sag as they age consider the push up bras a must-have garment in their wardrobe. When your bust is pushed up, you’ll have a better appearance because your waist will seem slimmer and your figure will seem straighter and longer. If you are a full sized woman, you can very much benefit from using a push up bra. You can feel more sensuous, feminine and provocative wearing it.

The Right Fitting

There are many styles of best lift bras, but whatever style you choose, your first consideration must be its fitting. Over time, your breast size may change. There also situations that may affect the changes in your bra size, such as weight loss/gain, pregnancy, illness, etc. So the size that fitted you when you were 20 years old may be different now that you are 21, or older. Getting into a bra fitting by a professional is a very good idea. This is a free service which you can find at most lingerie departments and bra stores.

You, too, can take the measurement of your breasts yourself. You just need to get the exact size of the bra band and the cup size. Many online stores that specialize on bras offer instructions on how you can get your exact measurement for bra fitting.

Shopping for Best Lift Bras

Best lift bras are readily available from many department stores near your place, but buying online is a better option if you know your exact size. You can shop anywhere on the Internet with confidence, without worrying about returning the bra if it does not fit you. Large online stores like the Amazon and eBay are the best places to shop for push up bras. Besides purchasing your undergarment at better prices, you may be able to also find great deals and free shipping, depending on the amount that you purchased.

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