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The Best Lipstick Colors for Blondes

Updated on March 20, 2011

You have the kind of hair that women crave and men find sexy. But blond locks aren't a guarantee that you're your most stunning self. Before you run out the door to that party or your next big date, coat your lips in a color that complements your blond hair. Dark lipstick colors can look harsh on blondes. Avoid looking like you just walked out of the hospital by picking the right colors.


Pink is the go-to lip color for blond gals with cool-toned skin. If you're not sure about your skin's color temperature, look at the skin on your forearm. If it has undertones of pink or blue, you're a cool chick. Coat your pucker in pink shades of lipstick to accent your tone. Stick with lighter pinks if you have very fair skin or you want a subtle look. Choose brighter shades of pink when you want to inject some drama into your day.



When the skin on your forearm has undertones of yellow or orange, you're one warm-toned woman. Accent your warm skin with peach lipstick. Spread on subtle, light peach lipstick if you've got platinum blond hair. With darker shades of blond and strawberry blond, go for a vibrant shade of peach. With your warm coloring and envy-inducing hair, you can even pull of orangey peach lips.

Light Brown

Neutral makeup is the cornerstone of the business world. When you want to look professional and beautiful at the same time, go for a light brown lip color. The lighter the brown the better, since dark browns will look harsh against your blond hair. For best results, choose a light brown lipstick only a shade or two darker than your natural lip color.



Nothing is more confident and sexy than a lush pair of red lips. Just because you have light hair doesn't mean you can't pull off this classic style. Poppy King of "Marie Claire" suggests that blondes go for bright, yellow-based reds to accent the pale hair and skin. When testing red lip colors, keep your eye on your teeth. Some reds make your teeth look yellow, and nobody wants that.


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