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Best Liquid Foundation for Your Skin Type

Updated on February 27, 2013

Having applied makeup more times than I can remember to a variety of clients over the years - I have used liquid foundation almost as many times as most people have eaten a hot dinner. I do have a few favorites - partly based on personal choice, partly on professional opinion.

Of those available, I have used the ones featured below. I have chosen the best liquid foundations according to skin type and value for money. Although I like to think that we spend as much as we're able on makeup - it's not always possible.

They're chosen from a broad range of foundation makeup, many of which are wonderfully good products - and most of which you will have heard of or maybe even used. When buying your foundation - make sure you buy according to your skin type, coloring and age of your skin.

Best Liquid Foundation for Combination Skin: L'Oreal Age Perfect Liquid Makeup - Buff Beige

This is the best liquid foundation for combination skin- It bridges the gap between the different skin types, without blocking pores and leaving the face tired and sallow over time. It's a lovely, light foundation, it absorbs easily, and works with your skin rather than against it.

I prefer to use my (clean) fingers when applying foundation - though you can use a slightly damp cosmetic sponge. I say this because there's a brush included with the foundation - and I'm not an advocate of applying liquids with brushes! IF this particular one is a little dark or light, you can choose from a range of other shades - so do choose the best for your skin tone. Very affordable, and SPF of 12 - gives a great flawless finish.

Best liquid foundation for oily skin: CoverGirl Trublend Liquid Make Up

This is the best liquid foundation for oily skin - if your skin is prone to acne or generally feels kinda waxy on a bad day, this one's light, natural looking and will give you the coverage without the grease.

It won't block pores, it won't irritate sensitive skin and it won't slide off your face as the day wears on. It's available in a range of over 20 different shades - so you will find one that suits your skin tone ... my tip is to go a little lighter, never go darker. Apply, blend and finish off with a good mineral powder to seal. Gorgeous looking skin - without the oils!

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

Not exactly a liquid foundation, this one's more of a mousse, a light and fluffy cream that seems to be part liquid, part face powder. Still - it is one of the best foundations on the market and it's available in a range of shades.

It is light and quite the dream to apply to your face. It works well with any skin type and won't leave your skin feeling oily or waxy. The coverage is good - it does what it needs to do without you looking as though you've actually got any foundation on. An old favorite of mine - and a commonly bought makeup product - plus it's inexpensive!

MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation

This is not a cheap liquid foundation - but it is an industry rated product and rarely have I heard bad things about it. There's a range of around 25 different shades, which gives you plenty of choice as to which is the most suitable for your skin.

It's got the words 'light diffuser' in the product blurb - this just means it's similar to Touche Eclat. What happens is this: the ingredients in the makeup are designed to reflect light away from the areas you'd rather were less noticeable - fine lines or wrinkles. Does it work? Yes - but don't expect miracles. If, like me, you've a wrinkle or three you can still see them - just not so obviously! It is a great foundation, moisturizing and gives great coverage - without looking like clown makeup.

NARS Orgasm Illuminator

This is the lightest, barely there liquid foundation - and I love it. It's absolutely fantastic if you're wanting a bit of pep to your skin, a touch of the sun without exposing yourself to damaging sunlight. If you've got clear skin - apply it as a normal foundation.

If you're prone to blemishes or dark circles under the eye - first use a concealer. Let it settle and then apply the Nars foundation - using quick, light strokes (your fingers are best) to blend, it around your face. It will add a lovely luminous glow to your face and you'll be surprised at how much of a summery look it gives.


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