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Best Luxury Watches Under $500 2014

Updated on March 30, 2014

Women's Luxury Watch Under 500 dollars

Women's Movado Watch
Women's Movado Watch | Source

Affordable Luxury Watches for Men and Women

All watch lovers dream of owning a beautiful luxury watch, but unfortunately many people are under the impression that you have to spend 4 figures to own such a watch; the good news is that this is not the case. There are a wide range of luxury watches for men and women, which cost less than $500, and many of these will be highlighted here.

You can find top brand like Valentino, Raymond Weil, Movado and lots more. Additionally you can buy used luxury watches which normally cost four figures for less than 500 dollars on eBay.

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Women's Luxury Watches Under $500

If you want a new women's watch for less than 500 dollars keep reading as you can see the selections coming up. Whether you are buying for yourself or for a gift I hope you find something you love!

My Favorite Luxury Watch for Women under 500 dollars

Movado are a respected brand when it comes to producing quality watches at unbeatable prices, this stainless steel bracelet watch is no exception.

Amazon rating is 4.5 stars after over 100 reviews! I always believe in listening to previous buyers as they know best!!

Things I love about this luxury watch by Movado are the contrast with the silver band and black dial as well as the diamond on the watch face. Bracelet watches are also more dressy and look great when you are wearing short sleeved clothing.

Swiss made watches Under $500 by Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil makes some lovely luxury watches which are normally rather expensive. These watches can be well over 1000 dollars, so when I noticed some under $500 on Amazon I thought I better let you know about them!! There are only a small selection available, two of which are featured below, a black leather strap watch and a silver strap one!

Women's Luxury Watches Under 500 by Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil Women's 5396-STC-00650 Tradition Silver Rectangular Dial Watch
Raymond Weil Women's 5396-STC-00650 Tradition Silver Rectangular Dial Watch

Amazon rating is 4.1 stars!

Black leather strap watch

This watch currently has over $350 reduction off RRP!


Men's Luxury Watches Under $500

If you want to make the guy in your life smile, then why not treat him to a cool luxury watch under 500 dollars!

The range available will depend on what promotions are currently running.

Men's Movado Watch


Movado Luxury Watch Under 500 Dollars for Men

This dressy Movado watch is great value at just under 500 dollars. It features a black strap and black dial and would make a fabulous gift for a guy you love.

Amazon rating is 4.2 stars and this product comes with 2 year warranty for added peace of mind should be concerned about buying online.

Best times to buy a luxury watch for less

Occasionally you can get quite a bit of discount on a luxury watch. This helps you save some dollars. I watched Amazon and online stores and observed when prices are lower and here is what I have found:-

Black Friday is a brilliant time to buy anything for less and watches are no exception. I discovered that Amazon had some watches discounted by as much as 70% meaning huge savings.

Around special times of the year:- Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day. Amazon seem to run promotions around these events, so even if you are not planning on buying a gift for someone right away but you need it for the future it can be a good idea to buy in advance.

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