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Best Makeup for Redness on Your Face

Updated on August 22, 2013

It is not just acne, blemishes, and rosacea that cause unsightly redness on the face. Tiny broken blood vessels close to the surface of the skin can also give a red glow to your face that are often permanent. Such blemishes may be too small to notice, but in some cases can be more obvious making you feel self-conscious. It takes just a few seconds and a couple extra steps with some specific concealers in your makeup kit cover redness on your face, giving your face a uniform and natural skin tone coloring. This process to cover face redness with makeup works on any cause of redness on around the nose, cheeks, or anywhere else on the face.

Using the Green Concealer for Redness - the Best Makeup for Redness

Apply a green concealer for redness only to the affected area on your face. The green makeup counteracts the redness. Green concealers can be found in most any retailer that sells cosmetics. Look in the concealer section for a green tube. Usually any green will work with any skin tone. These products are relatively inexpensive and shouldn't add much to your cosmetics budget. One of the best green concealers for redness is L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Anti-redness Pimer. Since it is a primer, it is thicker and best for people who have brighter red on their face. Those with mild redness will do well with regular green concealers.

Now Cover the Green Concealer

Apply a makeup cover up concealer that matches your skin tone over the green concealer. This works to cover the green and reduce face redness that is still showing through the green.

Apply your normal foundation to your entire face. By now, you should barely be able to notice the redness. It may even be completely concealed at this point.

Brush a top coat of power foundation to your entire face as you normally would when applying your makeup.

How to Cover Rosy Skin Video

What is the Best Green Concealer for Redness?

Many consumers rate this NYX HD Photogenic Concealer as one of the best. It is not a heavy concealer so it gives a more natural look. It works on all skin types and also hydrates the skin. Get the green shade for redness coverage, but it also comes in several other colors including fair, lavender, glow, and nutmeg. Get a light yellow or glow color to cover dark circles under the eyes. Lavender will help hide yellow colors on the skin and for some skin tones the dark under eye circles.


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