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Best Cologne For Guys

Updated on March 10, 2011

How to choose a cologne

There are so many different scents of colonge that it is so hard to choose what cologne smells good on you. Have you noticed that what smells good on someone else might not really do it for you because we all have a distinct natural scent, that when combined with cologne creates the pleasant or unpleasant scent we subject others to. Like most people you have to experiment with different scents and find out what works for you.

Experimenting with samples

When you shop from department stores like JC Penny and Boscovs they usually throw in a sample or two, so you might get lucky and find the right scent form the samples. These samples are enough to last a few uses for you to draw a conclusion from. Before buying you are also allowed to get a spritz of the sample colognes but it takes a while for you to be able to draw any kind of conclusion from the scent.

Magazine samples are a cheap and tacky way to try out a cologne before buying but it doesn't really give you the opportunity to get a decent amount to experiment with.

If you get a whiff of a scent from a friend or family member that you are close to, ask them what they use and if you could get a few sprays. Now this is a conventional way of sampling but there's no harm in asking a friend or family member if you are close and comfortable with them.

Search for free cologne samples online. Like most companies, fragrance companies also give out free stuff to consumers when launching a brand new fragrance. All you have to do is fill out the online form, they usually ask you for name and address, it's as easy as that. Only one sample per household though!

Armani Mania by Giorgio Armani

There are different fragrances created for different times of the day and events. For example you want to wear something mild and spicy if you are in a work environment, provided you are not flipping burgers all offense! I have come to find out through experimenting that a woody musky fragrance like Armani mania tends to work best for me in a casual or social environment like a date, party or club. It is sensual and warm but not overpowering to the scenses. I always get comments from the ladies when i wear Armani mania.

Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani

This cologne smells clean and fresh, you will always get compliments. It's a good fragrance for a work environment or a dinner date because it is classy and masculine. It also works in a casual setting. It's pricey but worth the money, you won't regret owning this classic

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

This is one of my all time favorites because it's fresh and spicy. It's strong so it lasts long but subtle so it's not going to invade anyone's nostrils. For ladies who don't know what to get their man, this would serve as a good gift because your man will smell good and you will both love it.

Drakka Noir by Guy Laroche

One of the few fragrances that has stood the test of time. Still a favorite for many, Drakkar Noir is long lasting and great for everyday use. It's fairly strong so you will need to spray less than you would for other colognes. It comes in an ugly deodorant old school looking bottle but don't let it fool ya.

Eternity by Calvin Klein

You will love the classy aromatic scent of this fragrance. Crisp and refreshing, great for day use. It comes in different scents ranging from basil, rosewood, jasmine, lavender and sandalwood. This is a great change up cologne if you want a different scent every once in a while.


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