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Best Men Hairstyles for Thin Hair with Pictures

Updated on October 12, 2013
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I am an African Woman and almost always have my hair in weaves and braids. I am an enthusiast and write about it.

Hair crowns the body and is very visible. People tend to make decisions about a person based on the hairstyle - vain, loud, sultry, irresponsible and so on.Thinning hair to some represents a loss of vitality and youthfulness. While to others, the balding crown represents great wealth and maturity.

It goes without saying that the best hairstyles for men with thin hair should satisfy the following criteria

1. Be gentle on the hair and scalp to prevent further thinning

2. Hide the thinness of the hair especially nearly blind spots

3. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals which could cause damage

The tips below incorporate these points. The truth is that hair thins out with time, it is referred to as Male Pattern Baldness, and is not a disease at all.

Best Hairstyle for Thinning Hair

The ultimate and perhaps inevitably best style for thinning hair is to shave it all off and affect the bald look.

Having no hair at all has the added advantage of concealing the appearance of grey, making you look younger.

Some cultures even associate baldness with wealth or virility. Going bald could actually boost your appeal.

Not the Best Men Hairstyle for Men with Thin Hair
Not the Best Men Hairstyle for Men with Thin Hair | Source

Alternative Haircuts for Thinning hair

If you really can't stomach the bald look ( at least not yet), then consider the pictures below and choose a hairstyle that is flattering.

Match your face shape with that in the pictures to help choose an appropriate style

An alternative to the fully shaved head is the half shave, favored by intellectuals and depicted below by Gautam Bhatttacharya.

Leave some hair at the sides and back but do not cut it very short.

This style is more flattering for those that have naturally wavy hair.

Oil the hair to keep it under control. A wavy flyaway mane defeats the look.

West Bengal Hindu Priest and Technician Goutam Bhattacharya. He went bald at an early age.
West Bengal Hindu Priest and Technician Goutam Bhattacharya. He went bald at an early age. | Source
Managing thin hair with style
Managing thin hair with style | Source
Military Buzz Cut
Military Buzz Cut
Buzz Cut softened with a cropped beard - the Will Smith Look
Buzz Cut softened with a cropped beard - the Will Smith Look

Military Cut

Getting a buzz cut hides the state of your hair (up to a point of course).

The hair is kept tidy and if your job or image allows it, grow a matching close cropped beard/moustache.

The beard makes the buzz cut appropriate for older men and removes the millitary tinge for all ages.

It also removes any connotations the style has to skinheads and other cults/groups.

Selected Products To Help with Hair loss

RENE FURTERER RF 80 Sudden Temporary Thinning Hair, 1.9 fl. oz.
RENE FURTERER RF 80 Sudden Temporary Thinning Hair, 1.9 fl. oz.

This product contains concentrated nutritive elements like vitamins and plant peptides. It promotes hair growth and fights tissue aging to help the growth of healthy, strong hair.

Information from the manufacturer indicates that after just the 1st regimen, 84% of people experienced positive results


The Shaggy Tousled Look

This works well for the younger man whose hair is just beginning to thin out.

Cut the hair in layers all over and use a little bit of hair gel on it, then run your fingers through it before it dries.

You will achieve that 'just getting out of bed' cool tousled look.

Get haircuts often since longer hair will better reveal the thinning areas.

For the older man, tousle just the hair on top and leave the sides and back neatly trimmed.

Help Us Make a Choice

Which Hairstyle is Best for Thin Hair?

See results
Picture of Alec Baldwin in slicked back Hairstyle
Picture of Alec Baldwin in slicked back Hairstyle

Slicked back hair

If your hair is still full in front with the thinning mostly at the crown, then this style may just be for you.

Allow the hair in front to grow out, then comb it straight back, and trim off at the nape.

Use hair gel or styling pomade to keep it fixed in place and shining.

This style is distinctive but may make you look like an Italian mob boss.

Celeberities who favor this hairstyle include Alec Baldwin and Nicholas Cage.


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