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Best Men's Leather Shirts

Updated on May 18, 2017
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I am Liam, a soldier, sports enthusiast, motorcycle biker and a huge fan of leather. I love to travel, write about my travels and my life.

Men's Leather Shirts? Oh, really?!

I must say that I was first sceptical about leather shirts and hey I didn't even know they existed till I saw a couple of them in a shop. Why was I sceptical? Well, just imagine a leather shirt and you perspiring during your hard work day at the office. Well, that was, surprisingly, quite the opposite, since the shirts I tried on and the one I have, are just amazing. And I must tell you, I do not sweat any more than what I use to.

Why Many Haven't Heard of Leather Shirts Before?

The reason why many people have not even heard about leather shirts probably lies in the misconception that people sweat in leather. Yes, in some cases that might be true, but in my experience one "over-perspires" only when wearing a specific, thicker and rougher leather.

Leather shirts for men are usually made out of soft and light leather, which makes it almost impossible to sweat heavily in them, of course if you do not choose to wear a leather shirt when it is super hot outside.

Another possibility of people not knowing about leather shirts may also be that they are not promoted as much as for example leather jackets and leather pants. And that is what is unfair, because these leather shirts will look amazing even if you decide to wear them to your work. Do not be shy, there is no problem with you wearing a leather shirt to work, you will look confident and sexy, while on the other hand remain professional and classy.

Presentation of a Men's Leather Shirt

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Should You Get a Leather Shirt or Not?

If you are considering getting yourself a leather shirt, don't be too shy about it, if you are worried about how you would look in a leather shirt, don't will be surprised how good leather shirts look on guys.

If you decide to get yourself a leather shirt advertised on this lens, please leave a comment or a review in the comments section at the bottom of this website.

Men in Leather Shirts

What I like about Men's Leather Shirts?

I love leather shirts mainly because you can wear them to almost every occasion. And you will not get the stares, you are probably thinking of. People notice your leather shirt but then move on, since they see immediately how good a leather shirt actually looks and how stylish can it make you.

I like leather shirts also because I can wear them to work, without looking too "naughty", because they make me look elegant and I have received plenty of praises for wearing them. I have also been misled that leather shirts make you over-perspire and sweat like a pig, but I can state that is absolutely not the case. Just make sure you get a leather shirt you like and one that is made of soft and light leather and you will be really happy about the choice you made.

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Justin Bieber in a black leather shirt
Justin Bieber in a black leather shirt

What kind of Men's Leather Shirt should I get?

Leather shirts for men have not been on the scene for a very long time, but they still managed to burst onto the fashion scene with a big bang. it seems that nowadays many celebrities enjoy wearing these amazing new-type modern leather shirts, either with long sleeves, short sleeves or no sleeves at all.

One of the most common misunderstandings about men's leather shirts is that you are bound to sweat heavily while wearing a leather shirt. This is completely untrue, since today leather has become extremely light, soft and supple which also means that it does not prevent your body from perspiring in the natural way, but it allows it to sweat the same as one sweats in a normal shirt or t-shirt.

I think the most elegant and stylish looking are long sleeved black men's leather shirts with buttons. The shirt gives out a sophisticated look about itself, especially when accompanied by a stylish tie, leather or non-leather.

If you are looking for a proper summer shirt or t-shirt, then you should opt for a sleeveless leather shirt, which is soft, thin and because of that prevents or reduces additional sweating.

Men's Black Police Leather Shirt

Strict Leather Lambskin Police Shirt, X-Large
Strict Leather Lambskin Police Shirt, X-Large

This amazing men's police leather shirt made of genuine lambskin leather is among the most popular choices of all leather fashion and leather shirt lovers. The shirt has a soft and comfortable feel to it and boasts a snap-up front. The jacket also has two chest pockets.

Although it is made of leather, the shirt is really light and thin and weighs only 2 pounds.


Please send me your Leather Shirt Story...

I am eager to find out what kind of leather shirts do you guys love to wear, how and when did you first realize you love leather shirts, how many do you have, or just share a story involving your leather shirt, etc. If you want to contribute your story, please send it via email to

Brad Pitt in a leather shirt
Brad Pitt in a leather shirt


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