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Moustache Trimmer: Simple devices for good grooming

Updated on April 5, 2011

Those men who like to maintain impeccable facial hair will appreciate the usefulness of a moustache trimmer. What this personal grooming device is used for is outlining and maintaining a clean lip line for either a beard or a moustache. The standard device comes with two comb-like blades on a battery operated device that helps in trimming off difficult to reach facial hair. You will get a moustache trimmer along with the many accessories that goes into grooming gear for men.

Most men invest in a moustache trimmer with rechargeable batteries as well as those that can be run on regular current outlets. The removable cord that comes with it is your means to connecting to the electrical outlet or to charge batteries that you may within. Electric razors have now upped their design a notch and sometimes offer a very basic moustache trimmer as well.

The moustache trimmer is largely used to maintain a clean area around the beard and more so over the lip. Moustaches tend to grow over the lip line and very often cover the lips in an unpleasant way. With the help of a small comb, you will be able to pick out the hair that needs to go and run the trimmer over it. This will allow you to define a new lip line. Even the path from the beard to the sideburns can be maintained neatly with this trimmer. Same goes for the hair below the chin as well.

When you have both the moustache and the beard trimmer in one, there are specially designed guards for the blades that prevent you from cutting too deep into your beard. You can decide the depth of the beard you want and trim hair accordingly. These guards are numerically graded and also sometimes adjustable.

Maintaining a moustache trimmer is very simple and it takes precious little to keep yours in good condition for a long time to come. Invest in a trimmer set that comes with the necessary cleaning accessories as well as the small vacuums that come included to ensure that you thoroughly clean your trimmer. Using trimmer requires a steady hand, so always use a mirror when you set to work. It is not like an electric shaver and should not be used when you are showering.


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