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Best Nail Art Kits for Girls

Updated on July 6, 2011

Nail Art Kits - Great for Experimenting

 Nail Art Kits are a great way for girls to begin experimenting with their nails in a non permanent way.

It happens fast. One minute they're playing with dolls and the next all they're interested in is make-up and painting there nails. You want them to be able to play and experiment but also have all traces of nail art removed by the time they go to school on Monday morning.

Not to mention, being kids, what they really want to do is try absolutely everything out - all in the same afternoon, as they minute they try one look they want to move onto the next.

With a kids nail art kit you can let them experiment to their hearts desire whilst knowing that the stickers, polishes and designs can all be removed when necessary, which means they get to play around and you get peace of mind.



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The Ultimate Nail Studio Kit

 This one does it all. Recommended for children aged 9 and upwards it contains nail art stickers, stick on nails, toe separators (after all nail art is not just for finger nails) polishes plus a battery powered nail dryer for the full salon experience.

With so many colors and styles to choose from this nail studio kit will keep any girl entertained for hours and she'll be the envy of her friends with her fabulously artistic nails.

Nail Art Kits with Sparkle

 For some girls if it ain't got sparkle it just ain't 'in', which is where there sparkly, glittery very girly nail art set come into their own.


Other Nail Art Items

 For the really adventurous and creative there is the Air-Brush kit, complete with rhinestones, beads and stickers where any budding young nail designers can practice their art.

Or if you're looking for something more freestyle how about nail art pens to add highlights to designs.

For girls into Disney there is the Disney Princess Nail Art Set complete with nails and stickers in the Disney princess theme.

Stuck for design ideas ~ then a Nail Art book full of designs is just the thing.

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      Taylor 5 years ago


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      Elie 4 years ago

      Can you make a course with kids practising how to

      do nail art like a professional artist.

      Thank you Elie

      ps in Beckton!!!

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