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Best Nail Buffer for Self Manicures

Updated on March 21, 2013

A nail buffer is a great manicure tool - they keep your nails in shape and some will add shine and help you to create natural looking nails. Most of them have at least two filing tools - one for taking the nails down, the other for the final shaping.

They're generally inexpensive and won't damage your nails - providing you don't over-buff them. The way to use them is to start with clean, dry hands and nails. It's advisable to clip off any excess rather than reduce it by filing - then you start work on shaping and polishing.

Always file using a gentle motion - you're not sawing through a lump of wood! Start at the outside of the nail, working in until you've achieved the desired shape. Once done - condition your nails and hands with a good hand cream. Featured below are the five best nail buffers - the most highly rated and top value for money products.

Tweezerman Shape and Shine Nail Tool

This is the best selling nail buffer - a manicure tool that will file and shine the nails. I love the shape of this one - it's easy to hold and makes shaping the nails an easy task. It has three different surfaces for filing your nails into shape and two for the buffing.

Once you've buffed your nails you're then left with a surface that adds the shine and gives them the final natural looking touch. You can use this one for both manicures and pedicures so it's great for summer hands and feet - and will save you the need to splash out on other nail enhancing products.

Flash Shiner Nail Buffer

This is the best selling nail buffer block - and the manufacturer claims it as being the best nail shiner on the market. You definitely get an incredible shine from this one but whether it's the best - hard to say!

Many other similar products bring a healthy looking shine to the nails once you've finished with the buffing side of things and whilst I can say that the shine is there ... the best? Who can say?!

All that said, you do get three buffers for the incredibly low price tag and they will last you a good while. Definitely lots of value for money with this product.

FLOWERY 6" Chamois Nail Buffer

This is the best chamois nail buffer - and you will need a nail file to prepare your nails prior to shine them up. Does it work? Yes it does. Chamois is a wonderful material in its own right and I love the shine it gives after you're done.

If used with a specially prepared buffing cream you'll find it creates more of shine - whilst it also nourishes the nail. You don't need to go to any real expense and, if I'm really honest - a good standard hand or nail cream will work just as well.

Nice little manicure tool - and will work with any chamois if you need to replace it.

Zeva 5-piece Natural Nail Care File & Buffing System

This is the best nail buffer set - one for the purse of for when you're traveling. It includes everything that you'll need to have great looking nails day after day - including a three level nail buffer, one nail file and a good quality cuticle pen.

You also get some lovely cuticle cream - which has a great moisturizing effect and it all fits neatly into a compact case.

The tools are all of a high quality - you're definitely getting what you pay for as this is a set that will last for years to come. If you want a complete nail care set - this is the one.


This is the best 4 way nail buffer - and the type that I use by choice. I prefer natural looking nails and have one manicure tool to do it with. The size is perfect, not too big, not too small. The four sides aren meant to be used in steps in order to create the best effect.

Step one is the heavier file, to be used for filing the nails down. Step two - file the nails into the desired shape. Step three - buff the nails in preparation for the last step, which is the part where you shine your nails to perfection. Finish off with a hand and nail cream and you're good to go!

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