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Best Natural Ways Treat Cellulite in One Month

Updated on March 18, 2018

The problem of cellulite disturbs many women. Most are looking for the best ways to treat cellulite. The skin is one of the largest organs of the body and is often overlooked. It is responsible for releasing a pound of toxins a day. It is, therefore, necessary to provide care for the skin to maintain its health.

Cellulite is an annoying nightmare for many people. When you stand in front of a woman and see all these bumps in your thighs, abdomen, and buttocks, you get upset. If you are one of those people who suffer from cellulite you can consider a simple trick to get rid of cellulite within one month.

The word cellulite makes a large number of women tremble. Fortunately, you can easily get rid of cellulite with natural remedies without resorting to costly treatments. All you need is to set a certain time of effort and money if you want real results.


Quick tip:

We only have one body to live in it. So, let's do our best to keep it healthy.

What is cellulite?

It is estimated that 85% of women suffer from cellulite and can reach 95%. It is wrong to think that weight gain is the only cause of cellulite in the most vulnerable areas of the thighs, back, legs, hips, buttocks, and stomach.

Cellulite consists of free-floating fat cells that fall under the skin. They are fatty deposits that look like cottage cheese and become really noticeable when the connective tissues hold the skin and muscles together and form a thick layer of them fat. With time these fats expand into the skin to form cellulite, giving a lumpy appearance and effect of cellulite lines.

The most common causes of cellulite formation are hormonal changes, accumulation of toxins and chemicals in the body, especially in fat cells. Here are some other reasons behind cellulite:

Unhealthy diet.

Slow metabolism.


Weak circulation.

Lack of strong collagen.

The thickness and skin color.

Cellulite treatment.

Cellulite treatment
Cellulite treatment

Many women spend billions a year on cellulite treatment between creams and plastic surgery for liposuction and laser therapy. Although you may notice an improvement in some cases. But, you need to continue this treatment for a long period of up to one year, which increases the final cost. So you should go to the less expensive methods of natural remedies and use the most effective products.

1 - Hot salt bath:

You can prepare a warm water bath at 110 degrees Fahrenheit and add 200 - 500 grams of sea salt. If you want to enhance cellulite resistance, try using more salt. When placing the required amount of salt, lower the lower body of the hips and continue to soak the lower part in warm salt water for 30 minutes.

When finished, massage to stimulate blood circulation. In some cases with high blood pressure, they can feel skin irritation and need to reduce the duration to 20 minutes. It is best to do this once a week.

2 - Organic body peeler:

You can make a natural peeling for the body to improve blood circulation and leave the skin soft and healthy. Simply mix 1 cup sea salt, 1/2 cup olive oil. Another active ingredient is 1 cup of coffee, mixed with 1 cup of sugar or salt with the addition of a few drops of olive oil.

After exposing the skin to steam, rub the skin and massage in circular movements from the bottom to the top and rub the cellulite away twice a week. When you are in the bathroom or sauna, it is best to continue for 10 minutes twice a week.

What you think:

Home remedies are safe or chemical products?

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3 - Exercise:

Woman do exercise
Woman do exercise

The most effective way to get rid of cellulite is to combine a healthy diet with physical exercise. It begins with an effective exercise program that includes cardio exercises, strength exercises. Try 6 more effective exercises by lying on the ground to take the position of exercise pressure and work to bend the right leg and try to bring it to the stomach and then straighten your leg and lift it 5 inches from the ground.

Repeat the same steps with the left leg and perform the exercise on 3 groups per group 8 times. You need to do this exercise 4 - 5 times a week for 40 minutes.

4 - Olive oil and fish oil:

Olive oil and fish oil are rich in unsaturated fatty acids. It helps the body maintain the metabolism of fat while moisturizing your skin and improving its elasticity.

You can take 1 small hanging of extra virgin olive oil every morning. As for fish oil can be taken once or twice a month will happen wonders for your skin. The best way to eat fish oil capsules is for lunch.

5 - Follow a healthy diet and water consumption.

 Follow a healthy diet
Follow a healthy diet

Getting more protein in your diet, fiber, complex carbohydrates and other products rich in unsaturated fatty acids is one of the ideal treatments for cellulite. Try combining chicken, mushrooms, cauliflower, lots of protein, fiber and vitamins to get 300 calories per 100 grams.

Try to reduce the number of pastries, salty foods, desserts, fast food and ready-to-eat foods in the diet. Anti-cellulite foods are bananas, grapefruit, sunflower seeds, ginger, fatty fish, olive oil, cabbage, oats, avocados, eggs.

Eating at least 15 liters of water throughout the day is an important element in building the lymphatic system of the body. Remember that low lymphatic drainage is one of the main causes of cellulite formation.

6 - Stand under shower bathing:

You can use peeling gloves to massage the areas of cellulite every time you take a shower. Start with the feet, move up to the hips and buttocks in a circular motion. Massage your arms for a cellulite-free skin.

Apply the skin to cold and hot water alternately to improve blood circulation to get a smooth skin such as silk. Start with warm water then increase the water temperature until it becomes hot and stand under water for 30 - 90 seconds. Then reduce the water temperature until it becomes cold and stand under cold water for 30 seconds. Switch between hot and cold water three times a day. Always try to finish with cold water. If you feel energized after taking a shower, it means that you do everything well.

7 - Beverages that promote metabolism:

Ginger is one of the best foods to help you lose weight. It reduces swelling by removing excess fluid in the body. In addition to the lemon comes on the list of magical elements of the kidneys to help eliminate toxins and regulate digestion.


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    • gourmala13 profile imageAUTHOR

      Gourmala Mhammed 

      8 months ago from Tlemcen

      Not in the sauna at the same time, after the sauna, the skin has more chance to lose his dead skin. There when you use the oil.

    • Healthyannie profile image

      Annie Messeri 

      8 months ago from Spain

      I have never heard of anyone using oil in a sauna, I would have thought that may even burn the skin as saunas are normally very hot.

    • gourmala13 profile imageAUTHOR

      Gourmala Mhammed 

      8 months ago from Tlemcen

      If you usually use the sauna and doesn't have any side effect so why not. But I always prefer to use only one method.

    • Healthyannie profile image

      Annie Messeri 

      8 months ago from Spain

      Do you recommend using oil in a sauna?


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