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Best Numbing Cream For Getting Japanese Tattoos

Updated on July 24, 2011

Tattoos hurt. Plain and simple. Certain places hurt more than others, and everyone feels the pain differently. But the fact of the matter is that they always hurt. And the longer you spend under that needle, the more that your skin begins to start to scream "Help me!" Best numbing cream for getting Japanese tattoos is needed.

Traditional Japanese tattoos are the most detailed and longest-lasting types of tattoos in existence today. These beautiful pieces could take from two hours to a staggering multiple years to complete one single piece, depending on size. That's a lot of hurt.

Luckily, tattoo companies and doctors have begun to manufacture two types of topical anesthetics for your skin that are designed to make the hurt go just a little bit easier. These two different perspectives have very different designs and approaches have become known as the best tattoo numbing creams and sprays.

The first of the two is applied pre-procedure. This usually comes in the form of a cream that is rubbed on and left on the skin for a few minutes at least before the procedure is started. These creams are said to be incredibly effective for the start of the tattoo. Users have claimed to feel absolutely no pain.

The problem with creams and pre-procedure anesthetics is that they are usually water-based. They claim that they are unaffected by water, but while doing a Japanese tattoo, the skin will have to be completely cleaned several times, depending on what part of the tattoo is being completed. If the whole tattoo is only two hours long, this could still call for at least four complete washes. It is questionable as to whether the cream will still be working hours later after all of those washes.

The other alternative for tattoo numbing is not a cream, and it is not applied pre-procedure. This is good old-fashioned Bactine. This cleaning spray works as a numbing and cooling agent, fighting the irritation in your skin that the needle has caused. This can also be applied at any time you take a break in the tattoo. It only takes a couple minutes to set in, and then you can wash it off and continue the tattoo. This is often the method used for many tattoo artists.

The major problem with this type of anesthetic treatment is that it does not work unless the skin is broken. That means, it does absolutely nothing for the first portion of the tattoo. If the tattoo starts out painful, well, then, all they can tell you is that you shouldn't have chosen a Japanese tattoo. But artists don't hesitate to tell you that.

Both of these approaches to tattoo numbing creams and sprays are popular today. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks. Remember, though, that the tattoo will still not be completely painless throughout. That is just something you'll have to deal with.


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