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Best Olive Oil Soap For Young Looking Skin

Updated on April 11, 2013

Using olive oil soap as your choice of soap bar is a wonderful way to naturally cleanse and moisturize your skin. Olive oil has been used in handmade soap for centuries - particularly related to the fact that it's one of Nature's best solutions for dry skin.

Much in the same way the this oil benefits us from the inside when ingested - natural soap with olive oil has its benefits. It's naturally hypoallergenic and it's packed full of wonderful anti-oxidants - Vitamins A and E, which help fight against damage, the stimulates healthy cell regrowth - which is great for fighting against the signs of aging.

Featured below are the five best olive oil soaps. They're all fantastically good for both you and your skin - plus they're all highly popular natural soap products.

Olivella Face and Body Soap, All-Natural 100% Virgin Olive Oil from Italy

This is the best selling Italian olive oil soap - it's packed with 100% virgin oil that's hydrating and moisturizing. It's all rich in vitamins that are known for their anti-oxidants - making this type of soap and great choice for those looking to reduce the signs of aging and sun damage.

Despite the main ingredients the soap is non-oily - no residue is left after rinsing, only the feeling of cleansed, moisturized skin. It's especially good for those with sensitive skin problems - plus the fact that it's 100% natural is an additional benefit. Gentle, softenin

Olive Oil Soap

This is the best selling Greek olive oil soap - it's a product that's been made since the late 1800's. For the price tag - which is incredibly cheap - you're getting an almost scent free soap bar that works well with dry, itchy skin types.

It lathers up well, giving a rich and creamy lather that leaves your skin feel soft and supple - and free from irritation the more you use it. It's cleansing power is gentle, it's easily as good as the Olivella soap bars - for a little less money. A great choice if you just want to try olive oil soap - you may well find yourself ordering more once you've used it a while.

Papoutsanis Olive Oil

This is another best selling olive oil soap from Greece - this time you get six bars in the pack - and a whole lot of moisturising good stuff per soap bar. It's completely unscented and kept as close to the original soap making process as possible.

It's a soap that's been around for almost 200 years and is as popular today as it was when it first started being manufactured - which says something about the product. The quality of the soap outweighs its price tag - it really does feel great on the hands and face after use. Another top pick for those wanting a soap that's super gentle and super soft - yet sensibly priced.

Savon de Marseille (Marseille Soap) pure olive oil soap from the South of France

This pure olive oil soap is a big hit with both women and men as it's completely fragrance free, doesn't leave the skin feeling oily - or you feeling as though someone tossed a salad over you whilst you were showering.

It's manufactured in the South of Frances, using only the best olive oils and is processed by way of being hard-milled. This simply means that before the soap is ready for packaging/sale it's been through a mill press twice. This removes any excess air and produces a soap bar that is both long lasting and able to deliver a good, creamy lather. Another good quality soap made from olive oil - and quite a sizable bar at 300g.

Savon Liquide de Marseille (Liquid Marseille Soap) World-famous Pure and Gentle Hand Soap from the South of France. 500ml plastic bottle

This is the best liquid olive oil soap - and a great one for leaving by the sink for hand washing. It's manufactured by the same company as the previous product and it's especially good if you frequently wash you hands.

It moisturizes rather than dries the skin and the lack of an overpowering fragrance is another plus. It does have a slight scent - one that's based upon the combination on olive oil and palm oils that are used in the processing. It's completely natural and after use it's almost as though you've used a combination of hand soap and moisturizer. Lovely product, world famous - worth every penny.

Making Savon de Marseille Soap


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